F*ck You, Pay Me: Woman Sues American Airlines For $5 Milli Over Lost Luggage

- By Bossip Staff

Damn. We bet American Airlines wishes they would’ve given her back her measly $25:

When most of us lose our luggage, we get mad, maybe throw a temper tantrum and ask the airline in question for help. Not Danielle Covarrubias. First she paid $25 to check her bag on American Airlines. Then they lost it and refused to refund her $25. In turn, she is suing them for $5 million, according to ABC News.

Covarrubias filed a class action lawsuit in her native Pierce County, Washington against the airline when they lost her luggage on a Seattle-Grand Rapids, Mich. flight. It’s the first lawsuit since American started charging for bags in 2008 (it was also the first major carrier to impose checked baggage fees).

“It just goes to show you how enraged people are by the lack of common-sense regulation in the airline industry,” George Hobica, an aviation expert and creator of airfarewatchdog.com, told ABC News. “It doesn’t make any sense at all that somebody should charge for a service and then screw up and not give you your money back.”

Covarrubias waited for the next flight to arrive but her bag–with more than $800 of her possessions–wasn’t on it, according to court papers. She spent more than $300 on new clothing and toiletries and then waited another 24 hours for news from the airline. “In her last conversation with American Airlines … she was told nothing could be done,” the lawsuit said. The airline refused her demand for a refund of the baggage fee.

An American Airlines spokesman said the carrier was reviewing the lawsuit and offered no immediate comment.

5M is a little extreme, but these airlines be on some straight bullsh*t. We’re interested to see how this one pans out.


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  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!


    If she wins…then I’ll be two steps behind her!!! LMAO!

  • autumn

    ssooo basically she paid for them to lose her bag. priceless.

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  • lala

    she been waiting for a payment of some sort. cause she asking for too much. they should give her checked bag fee ann the amount of the luggage ann her possessions ann a little something else . smh everybody tryna sue everybody.

  • why

    She probably wont get 5M but she will be PAID, trust me, the lawyers didnt jump on this one for nothing..
    Dang, why couldnt this be me/

  • latoya

    5 mill is not over the top hell she brought new stuff to go on this flight id be mad to thats why i only take carry ons

  • loc

    Air lines are getting out of hand with robbing customers of good service I hope she wins and sets them straight. Like Obama said time for a change. I can’t believe I gotta pay 50 extra dollars for a round trip pure bull sh!t

  • Martinigal

    She will get something but not 5 million. Thats a bit excessive.

  • Sheiv

    This is a lawsuit I’m behind, some people sue for stupid things, but this right here is credible.
    I hope she gets a hefty check!

  • Live

    She’ll get some $$$, but not $5M. Her sh!t was not worth that much. She is get a couple of thousands, but not millions.

  • sunflower

    Lawyers took this case? She shoulda called me. For free I will tell her when she buys an airline ticket she agrees to the contract rules of that airline. In the fine print it tell you NOT to pack expensive or valuable items in checked baggage because they have limited liabilty and cap the maximum payout at just a few hundred dollars usually $250. Then they will advise you that ya shoulda purchased travelers insurance then give you a $5 meal voucher and $50 off of a purchase of $1000 dollars or more. I’m an experienced traveler. What can I say. If her bag doesn’t show up she should call unclaimed baggage in scottsboro AL wher she may possible find the contents of her bag and others for $10 each

  • CattyBitch

    She isn’t gonna get sh*t but the minimum amount an airline is required to reimburse. When you purchase an airline ticket their is a disclaimer that the airline is not responsible for lost baggage. Do any of you really think the world’s largest airline is going to open themselves up to a slew of frivolous lawsuits by paying some greedy broad a ridiculous amount of money? I don’t think so. The lawyers only jumped on this case for free publicity.

  • Kristina

    Should’ve flown Southwest. They’re the least expensive airline and baggage is free. She may have still had her stuff lost but I’m just sayin. People should put expensive belongings in their carry on bags instead because they do limit the amount of money you can claim for lost or damaged luggage. She won’t get 5 million but I do hope she wins something.

  • http://lecoil.tumblr.com/ Educated Goon

    She looks like “New York” from Flavor of Love.. Besides, that’s retarded. Why sue for 5 million you dumb broad.. I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt anything in your luggage was even worth over $10k

  • Jen

    Part of the reason she is asking for so much is that she’s filed a class action suit.

  • Delight23

    Of course she wont get $5MM. what part of cl.a.s.s. action law suit dont u understand. ignorant azzes boy. the point is to aim high and negotiate to an acceptable and agreed upon amount.

  • kelsey99



    I don’t think she’ll get $5M either, but when people sue they usually ask for an outrageous amount so that way if it is “settled for an undisclosed amount” or for less than originally asked for it won’t seem so bad… So if she even ends up getting, let’s say $500k – $1M, people will be like “she didn’t even get half of what she sued for”…Shooooo, my stuff isn’t worth a million, but I’d damn sure take it….

  • Marquis de Sade

    Please, this is nothin’ more than a nuisance suit. American will settle this for no more than $10,000, which will be paid by their “INCIDENTAL” insurance carrier, (and maybe atty. fees) + a mandatory signed confidentiality agrmt., so no one else won’t get any bright ideas.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mscreative1 MSCREAIVE1

    Oh wow!..oh she here in Washington State…see if i can catch that on the news here in Tacoma

  • OMG

    It’s A C+L+A+S+S Action suit. That means that she and others have been wronged in similar ways and the group will be suing for 5mill. That is not too much at all. It’s too little.

  • John

    @ Monsieur Frenchy, hoe sit down or keep it moving LOL.Peace out 😉

  • http://todhd.com Online TV

    I don’t think that she will be able to get 5 million out of this incident

  • nj style

    yes obviously the ppl on here are extremely slow. c l a s s action suit. she and others are suing. she will be paid. they all will be paid. i agree I think 5 mil is way too low.

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