Chris Brown Can’t Kick It With Rihanna But #TeamChrisBrown CAN & DID!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna was seen with boyfriend Matt Kemp at the after party at Drai’s in Hollywood. She was also accompanied by her BFF Melissa Ford and few others. One of our Bossip spies was on the seen and saw a member from #TeamChrisBrown kickin’ it side by side with Rihanna. He probably thought no one notice… BUT THEY DID!!!

Pop the Top to Find Out Who

Songwriter Andre Merritt was seen having some fun and drinks with Rihanna at the after party. Andre Merritt co-wrote “Disturbia” along with Chris Brown and word is that these two are TIGHT!!! DAAAYYYUUUMMM… Chris must be pissed that his homies can hang!!! Wonder if Andre is the middle man that passes messages between Rihanna and Chris Brown?!??

Maybe this is why Rihanna was giving Matt the evil face in the car… Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm!!!

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  • http://deleted Just Sayin


  • bklynlady

    Corny! This here is a non-story.

  • Head Bitch


  • tommykimon

    Stupid non-story

  • morning

    trick looks beat….is she 20-something or 30-something?

  • Ms Linda

    move on he can be with who he wants nobody is mad you need news this is not news stop reaching before you fall and hurt your self this is TRICKERATION NEXT

  • Matha


  • Lynn

    Have you heard Chris Brown song Dueces? He is not thinking about that trick!! ____________________________ That doesn’t mean anything, it’s called putting up a front.

  • ThatBKChick

    Why is this irrelevant ish news?….The dude is a producer/songwriter…they all travel in the same circles….SMDH!

  • Shakera

    Yea…Im so sure Rihanna was thinking about CB while kissing on Matt the whole night lol. To the person above me…yea he may have wrote deuces but um, he also wrote Ain’t thinking bout u lol. Just saying 😉

  • Allenro

    Yall jsu tryna start sumthin

  • Gay Walker the undercover Homo!!

    @Shakera: He didn’t right that song, K-Mac did. And the song is titled ‘Ain’t Thinking About You’. Keyword being ‘Ain’t’. Ya’ll stans kill me with that, especially since her whole damn album is about him. ‘Stupid In Love’, ‘Cold Case Love’, ‘Photogrpahs’, ‘The Last Song’ etc.

  • Shakera

    If you have to make a song or even RECORD a song, since you want to be technical, about not thinking about someone… obviously you are. I’m a fan of both btw. Stupid in love says that she will not be stupid in love and says the relationship was a waste of time. Cold Case love.. same concept the ENDING of a relationship she should have not went back to. Photographs, same concept again, not about wanting to be in a relationship w/ anyone but the ENDING when ur just left with photographs. What exactly was your point? lol. Oh and in Ain’t thinking about u he clearly adds “tonight.” Shes not on his mind TONIGHT.


    who the hell cares

  • say it ain't so

    they are trying to live their lives, why don’t you all let them. she has a fellow and he has a girl let it be. and besides that all of his team breezy is doing a great job of shading his career with all of their mess. and they bad mouth her from sun up to sun down so they clearly hates rihanna so let him, his girl and his team breezy live happily ever after.because matt and rihanna was all over each other all night until they went home. you have to build a relationship and that is what rihanna and matt is doing building a lasting relationship. and chris does not figure into the equation at all.

  • say it ain't so

    matt can supply all of rihanna’s needs. hes a grown man in that department, and he and rihanna adores each other. they are a cute couple together and if any thing the handsome hunk have taken all of the thoughts of chris completely out of rihannas head and its just the two of them matt and rihanna. and since both of them has been through so much they can see and understand the divisive way that other people thinks. they knows how to keep themselves happy and they know very well how to keep their business to themselves.they could care less about people and their way of thinking and talking about them. they are enjoying just living their wonderful lives together.


    Can Chris ever move on past Rihanna. When he is out and about having fun and smiling with a lady friend or friends in general yall say he’s not happy or he’s thinking about Rihanna. Its like yall want him to move on but when he does yall mad because he moved on.

    All I have to say is I am a Chris Brown fan and do I think Chris Brown is over Rihanna well to be honest yes I think he is over her but I don’t know for sure. I mean just because he seems happy with his friends and family and lady friend and singing songs like deuces and ain’t think bout you doesn’t mean he is over her. Same goes for Rihanna just because she is all lovey dovey kiss kiss with Matt doesn’t mean she is over Chris. What I mean is don’t say they are over each just because they look happy with someone else because you don’t know that for sure unless you be with them 24/7.

    All I’m saying is don’t judge by what you see and hear think for yourself. I’m not sayin that Chris Brown is still inlove with Rihanna and I’m not sayin that Rihanna is still inlove with Chris. I’m just sayin don’t say that Chris Brown is over Rihanna and ain’t thinking about her just because he singing a song called deuces or because he looks happy with his friends and family or girlfriend whatever and don’t say that Rihanna is over Chris just because she is all lovey dovey kiss kiss with Matt and looks happy because we don’t know that for sure. I know this because I have a friends thats with somebody but is still inlove with her ex.

    I’m not trying to bash anyone today I’m just sayin what I feel.


  • co CO

    Does anyone spell check before they put these articles up?

  • bluekid

    Dueces, bytches! Dueces

  • mibreadd

    i think hes not over see he dates girls that look like riri..

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