Bron Bron’s ‘Decision’ Gets A Final Grade!

- By Bossip Staff

LeBron James’ so-called ‘Decision’…let’s just say it didn’t hit the mark that some thought it did. Pop the hood for details.

Do you remember where you were when LeBron took over the television and held you captive to let you know he was taking his talents to South Beach? A wasted hour out of your life on something that could have taken thirty seconds to say. Well it looks like ESPN was just as annoyed as the rest of America who had to sit through that bullsh*t of a special. Don Ohlmeyer, ESPN’s person of journalistic matters graded the special and gave LeBron a big fat a$s ‘F!!’ After a few weeks Ohlmeyer wrote his final verdict on the shuck and jive parade known as the ‘Decision’. He didn’t hold back either on what he thought about ESPN and LeBron.

No matter how convoluted the intellectual gymnastics, ESPN “paid” for exclusive access to a news story. For the network, there is quantifiable revenue associated with the Thursday 9-10 p.m. programming hour. That revenue was forgone, yielded in exchange for the exclusive. Team LeBron sold those advertising units. The fact that it was in turn distributed to charity was immaterial, journalistically. James used ESPN’s commercial spots in an effort to enhance his image as a responsible, caring charitable guy — there’s direct value to James in doing so, and he did it courtesy of the network, and with the sponsor’s money.

Damn, that dude doesn’t bite his tongue. ESPN learned their lesson after this one–don’t drink the Bron Bron Kool-Aid! Go Cavs!!!


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  • loc

    Omg no one cares enough with these boring lebron stories

  • Mega

    F*CK da Cavs and anyone who thinks LeBron owes them something for nothing. Everyone is upset that these black guys are beating the leeches at thier own game!!
    Its a proud day for athletes, stop the con game with the agents, lawyers, accounts, and security. If white guys were in control of LBJ and hisa team, nothing would have ever been said!!

  • sammie Bee

    SMART GUY…He’s Eating the world alive to build Himself. And the worlds to dumb to notice.

  • bx2dadeath

    I will never deny brothas the opportunity to make money, but LeBron’s team blew it.
    College coaches calling agents pimps.
    Ninja, please.
    Coach gets paid.
    If player gets paid, player gets in trouble.
    The system is corrupt, because the coaches have all the power.
    This is why so many college coaches who go to the pros return to college.
    The power is in college because the coach makes the most money.

  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    If so many people think what he did was so wrong then why do so many people care to keep talking about it….LOL This man is the most influential person in sports today and people wanna act like he does not matter and that he is stupid….yeah right…Team Lebron…

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  • Ghostwriter

    If white guys were in control of LBJ and hisa team, nothing would have ever been said!!

    No white person would have let him do that. They knew the backlash people would have with it.
    All he had to do was issue a statement and move on. It became Lebron 24-7 on that network and that is what folks were tired of.
    He can go to any team he wanted. You just don’t have an infomercial to do it.
    Now you go from being the most liked to the most hated in less than a month.
    And remember WHITE FOLKS will always have the last laugh. Because whne his career is winding down and the Heat dump him. Who is going to take him?

  • 2dimplzs

    Eff the Cavs!!!!! Espn knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they agreed to air this spectacle! Don’t get me wrong, I love LBJ, but the way he announced his decision was BOGUS!

    ESPN and this commentator need to SHUT THE HELL up because this is the same network who gave this man shine when he was just 15 or 16 years old and in HIGH SCHOOL by airing his HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL GAMES and crowning him the next coming of Jordan! STFU with your HYPOCRISY ESPN and all you other media outlets! Yall created this monster and continue to provide him these outlets to promote himself so don’t go and rip on him after the fact and try to act like you got used!!!! Yall made out like fat cats just lile LeBron did!!!!!! SMDH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • antiprocrastination

    Instead of giving LBJ an F, this reporter should give an F to ESPN. It’s their network, they made the decision of having him on, and I bet they begged him, b/c he could hv just stuck w/ Larry King. Bottom line black folks, whether you are in school on a regular job or what… just observe blacks are fine, o.k. they even like you until you start making your own decisions and prospering… grow up black ppl and stop siding against a brother stepping outside the box… step outside your own box and do something besides fear white ppl and complain. PEACE

  • Kristina

    ESPN did not HAVE to play in to LeBron’s ploy. They’re the ones who gave him the platform in the first place so they can miss me with that. And seriously, this story needs to die.

  • auntdoggandauntfail

    lolz he should of had a private meeting with his team and fans in cleveland and then aired the reaction. Where is the love?? Where is the loyalty?? #Clevelandlovedyou ha ha ha

  • LaBeaux

    So what! It is what it is and it’s over now. Let’s just enjoy the NBA games now.

  • Candid Canuck

    I loved the whole THANG!!! Team Bron. Eff all that other bullish… it’s all entertainment mang.

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