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More and more and more Fashion Week photos…Kanye West and ex-fiancee Alexis Phifer attended the Prada Presents a Screening of Fallen Shadows at the Prada epicenter.  Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton were in attendance as well. That Alexis looks like one tasty character, we wonder why Kanye let that thang go.

Check out photos of Keri Hilson in Vegas right now..


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  • UnEEkHeR

    Alexis and Paula look so beautiful… aww how nice. Kanye is my dude tho. I kinda wish he’d quit dressing like such a nerd.

  • Ash *

    I love Keri Hilson… I’ma stan for her

  • Soul Cry

    Alexis is gorgeous. I really liked Alexis and Kanye together…I still think his mother’s death is what broke them up…it’s a hard thing to go through, many relationship don’t last after such a traumatic event. I look at him and see a transformation…his mother’s death really rocked him.

    Paula looks beautiful as always.

  • Kesha: (I BLEED BLACK-N-GOLD) Its just one of THOSE days...

    I think Kanye has turned into such a weirdo! He needs her, he need to just gon head and take that girl back cuz you know she’d take him back in a heartbeat anyway, lol!

  • Official TimeHater

    Everybody looks great, I love Robin Thicke and Paula Patton.. and ditto on Kanye and Alexis getting back together

  • vinandi ( the future mrs T.I.P Harris!)

    Alexis looks like a more beautiful and classier version of Deelish!

  • vinandi ( the future mrs T.I.P Harris!)

    Robin and Paula gorgous couple! but not as hot as Halle and her K-Fraud!

  • wait a minute

    alexis is a pretty lady. i really wanna know what’s up with that relationship. what happened kanye? i don’t care who he talks to though, as long as its not a white girl. lol.

  • Oshie

    She might be fine, but she might be a crazy hooker who’s obseesed with money and her appearance also. I’m just saying… it’s possible.

  • Lady Architect

    I hope they get back together. They made a very nice genuine couple. Paula looks great and so does Keri Hilson.


    Ye’s a homo. What straight man talks about fashion and Louis Vuitton, and shoes as much as he does? Case closed.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Kanye get back with Alexis ASAP!!!

    I really liked them as a couple…she looks really cute in that pic.

  • kd

    I like that sweater Ye has on.

  • Aunt Viv

    I hope they get back together. I liked them as a couple.

    Robin and Paula look good too. I like that color on her.


    yeezy got her back witht that wackass song love lockdown

  • chocotaco

    “Wait a Minute”- i really wanna know what happened with their relationship also.

    Are they back together now. I thought they were a great couple. She seems so down to earth. I heard about her being a “fictional” subject of that book written by the girl she stole her ex boyfriend Patriots star Roman fifer from, the author of the book wrote about how Alexis stole her fiance from her days before the wedding. But I don’t know how true it is. I think if it were true, it would have come out in the media.

    But the book is called “Interceptions” has anyone read it? Do you know if it’s true that the girl who wrote it was ganked by Alexis?

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    Kanye and Alexis really needs to hook back up. I loved them as a couple.

  • iforgotmyname

    There is no reason for Kanye West to get married. He has money and success…why would he want to sign a contract that allows another woman who has nothing to do with his succes and money to be entitles to half of his wealth. Rich men have no reason to marry…just enjoy the $ex and when it gets boring keep it moving. Think about it, by the time she turns 30-35 she is gonna look all busted and he’ll still be a succesful, rich dude who can go out and get himself a hot little 20something year old…if he’s married he stuck with the ugly woman and he can’t leave her without leaving behind half of the wealth he worked his @ss off for. Note to men: Don’t get married…don’t have girlfriends…don’t get into relationships….its a waste of time. Why have one when you can have them all.


    Alexis is fine as a mutha. She is beautiful, I appreciate beauty and she is one of the best I’ve seen. Damn!

  • CaramelKandie

    I must be the only person who doesnt see anything special about Alexis…that big mole…those huge soup cooler lips…nothing special!!

  • So easy a caveman can do it

    I’m lovin Kanye’s sweater and Alexis looks so hot in that dress.

  • All

    Robin and Paula look like they are in love. Kanye was splintered by his mother’s death. iforgotmyname, the spanish proverb says he who has loved all the women has truly loved none, he who has loved one woman has truly loved them all. You can only hit surfaces like that. It takes depth to mine the treasures of true love. “Bodies on top of bodies like sacks on top of shelves people having sex with each other making love to themselves.”

  • always knew

    good to see ex’s that can still get along and hang out…Why does Kanye’s swag always look so horrible???…

  • Online

    I don’t see anything special about Alexis either…..

  • leave it be(STILL searching for some jelly beans)

    ^^^^me either………..

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