How Precious: Kimmy Cakes Is Still Supporting Reggie…”Feels Sorry” For His Shady Heisman Trophy Situation

- By Bossip Staff

After all the floozies, new men and the bullsh*t, Kim Kardashian is still supportingReggie Bush. SMH:

As Reggie Bush’s Heisman trophy was removed from Heritage Hall yesterday, his ex-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, has nothing but compassion for the NFL star. Kim actually feels sorry for her former boyfriend as he faces the likelihood that he could lose his Heisman trophy for violating NCAA rules during his college career at USC. Kim told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM show Thursday that while she hasn’t talked to her ex lately, she feels that she knows what he is going through. And while some women might find satisfaction in seeing their ex-flame suffer through an ordeal like this, Kim feels bad for his situation.

Kim stated: “I’m sure he’s going through a really hard time and knowing the type of person he is, I’m sure that he would do anything in his power to make it up to the school…and the kids playing there now who are ineligible to play in the championships.” As Reggie copes with this difficult situation, Kim is enjoying her life as a single woman. Although romantically linked to Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin, Kim claims that she is single. She told Seacrest that she is just having fun right now.

Poor Reggie.


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    Are the coaches being held accountable for their involvment in Reggie’s deception?????? The need to be called out also!



  • Cali Babe

    This h0e is pathetic and desperate.

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  • lilbabiphat2004

    well cant stand neither one of them but i do love that picture of them

  • Cousin Lett

    KIM and Reggie were cute together. If that age difference didnt exist, I think they would still be a couple. Unfortunately hes too young, obviously not ready to commit since he cheated.

    And Kim is near 30, when a woman reaches that age she wants some permanence in her life.

  • chaka1

    I am so sick of the Kumtrashians and the black blogs hanging off her fat asz like she is some sort of queen. Who the f- cares what this skank thinks about anything? Go the f- away…

    What is Rihanna doing today?

  • l

    You guys are so stupid and uneducated. She was ask a question and she answere it, now whats wrong with that?And for christ sake you people that keep saying she is a hoe how is that. You black negroes need to just stop. And in case you wonder if im white, no im black. you black people make me just sick. I wish i was white damn

  • kim k is a hobag

    Aww he is using kim duh I would too! Just like scott was using kourtney.

  • l

    All you people do is just hate, hate, thats the reason why your always behind and then talk about white people.GTfOH

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i’m comparing this picture to the one of her on the beach with her new man and i don’t know how old this pic is but there is a definite difference in a$$ size…

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    Kim won’t say anything negative about Reggie – that would give you Kimmy lovers more to write about…besides, she wants to keep her NFL d.!.c.k. options open.

    Now, anybody else notice her backside looks NOTHING like those pics she took the other day with Coco…hmmmmmm

  • juliemango

    Im sure Reg appreas Kims support!!!




  • 1Anonymous

    Kim is the only Kardashian I can stand. Khloe is horrible, she has zero respect for anyone and if she was my family member I would have to pop her in the mouth for the way she speaks to her Mom.

    Kim at least seems like a (somewhat) nice girl. But I think she ruined any chances of getting back together with Reggie by dating another NFL player. She should have just chilled for awhile, sometimes as a woman you should be alone and keeping your legs closed. You don’t ALWAYS have to have male attention.

  • Aphatty

    Why should the school pay them? They are not professionals. They are getting a FREE EDUCATION (whether these athletes take advantage of that is up to them) and they get FREE training to become pro athletes.

    Do people who bring academic excellence to these schools get paid? NO. So why should these jocks get paid to do what they love at school, getting an opportunity that most do not. Tuition is nothing to sneeze at, especially at these big name schools. These kids wouldn’t get to go to these schools otherwise.

  • 411

    Wow Joker Face Supports Her Ex!

  • B4

    all women are stupid… so easy

    that is why the men are dogs

  • Kristina

    @I…go sit your raggedy a.$.$. in the corner!

  • WTF

    Here come the weak brothas supporting this hoe in 5,4,3…

  • http://* Kristina

    @Aphatty I agree. Student athletes are given scholarships….free college education, which can well be worth over 100k depending on what school they go to, and I think they get free housing too.

  • GiGi

    Geesh,when are black bogs going to go back to talking about BLACK celebs and not white trashy women AKA Kimmy Kakes?!

  • Jo

    Why is this news?

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    What up Rose?? I agree…way too much trolling, impostering, etc. going. That is why I takr vacays from here every now and then. It really gets to be too much.

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