Therapist Throws Foxy Under The Bus: “She Definitely Has Issues..A Lot Of Frustration And Sadness”

- By Bossip Staff

Poor Inga:

A therapist who has treated Foxy Brown said yesterday she’s not surprised the hot-headed hip-hopper has landed in trouble again. “It doesn’t surprise me,” said the therapist, who requested anonymity. “She’s obviously got a lot of issues and needs ongoing help, and I hope she gets it.”

The counselor said Brown has struggled to cope with a loss of hearing while trying to launch her comeback. “I think she’s got a lot of frustration and a lot of sadness, and she’s trying to grab power where she can,” the therapist said.

Brown pleaded not guilty in Brooklyn Criminal Court. Wearing a skin-tight teal dress and a leopard-patterned scarf, she showed no emotion. The raunchy rapper, whose real name is Inga Marchand, was released on $5,000 cash and $5,000 bond and refused to comment.

She faces up to seven years behind bars, if convicted.

Sounds like Foxy needs to fire this therapist and hit up Ron Artest for his!!!


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  • honeyxxx

    first heheee

  • lilbabiphat2004

    even stevie wonder can see that homegirl has issues

  • samech

    black girl lost

  • BadAzz

    2nd hahaha

  • 36DD-24-40

    Where’s Nikki?

  • BadAzz

    damn yall beat me lol

  • honeyxxx

    hmmm… yh she needs some help

  • Matix B: Get out the Wet Spot

    I’m frustrated and saddened by her choice of accessories. No need to pull out the swap meet Gucci and bangles…just saying…..

  • chaka1


    This chick was busted for stealing hair weave glue in Miami…

    Po thang…

  • tommykimon

    I agree with Matrix, She is rocking to many accessories and they are not all matching well together.

  • hmmmm

    We didn’t need a counselor to tell us she has issues. Must average people can see that.



    LMAO thangs I needed that, these damn patients is getting on my nerves calling here for no damn reason today!!!


    i really can’t believe that she let her self just fall in the gutter like that!!!!!????? w.e. is goin’ on jail ain’t where she needs 2 be……i hope she gets help…..QUICK FAST!!!!

  • Nih

    yeah she go issues, with that bad weave and skin………….

    I hope she gets some help!!!

  • Ummm

    Isn’t against the law for a “therapist” to be making plublic statements about their clients problems?

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    So sad

    #1- I thought she said her hearing returned on the Mo’Nique show. She was saying how it was a miracle

    #2- I think the failure of her relationships, esp the one with Jay-Z, is probably what is causing the sadness. I think Jay-Z not visiting her in jail & marrying Hunney Bey was the last straw 4 her

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!!!

    Poor thang? Good 4 her azz.




  • Blah

    That’s unprofessional for that therapist to make public comments about her mental condition. I thought ur supposed to keep that info confidential?

  • Greeneyedbandit

    She aint been right since JAY-Z left her hangin! But i dont wish nothin bad on her though.But i wish she would try to humble herself&quit dissin people&just focus on gettin herself together! &get a new therapist! Maybe she should look ARTEST’S THERAPIST up,cause i see a big change in him!!!

  • Cali Babe

    @ toni b,

    I was thinking the same thing like doctor-patient confidentiality is no longer existent.

  • Anonymous1

    And what happened to doctor/patient confidentiality? Even though its true, the doctor that has treated her had no bidness putting her out there like that.


    @ Annoyed I work at a doctors office in Tennessee for a large group my doctors give colonoscopies do anyone need to schedule an appointment I’m ya girl

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    I meant to say thanks Annoyed for the laugh, I’m typing and talking to the patients at the same time multi tasking

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