Sextra: Who’s in the Mood for Some Leo Love?

- By Bossip Staff

Happy Friday, Bossip Readers! Today is the dawning of the Leo cycle of the zodiac! Anyone who is so lucky to have a Leo in your life brace yourself, for the boss will become bossier in the coming weeks! But just as much as the lion or lioness is imperious, they are equally warm-spirited and generous . . . and not just with their possessions but with their love, affection and loyalty. When a Leo loves, they do so with every fiber of their being and the beneficiary of such adoration will always feel safe and secure. To live in peace with such royalty, you must be loyal and attentive for if you waver you can stir up their possessive, controlling and overreactive tendencies. The lion/lioness are true rulers of their “jungle” and if their authority is ever, for one moment, challenged or questioned . . . don’t be foolish, you can’t beat a lion its own house. Tread light.

On the flip-side, however, it’s best not to tamper with a Leo’s trust or feelings, they’re rather sensitive! Yes, sensitive. If you do, know that you’ve awakened a sleeping beast. When this astral sign feels, in any way, betrayed or violated he/she will strike without mercy “the pounce of punishment,” if you will. You can’t escape it. This sign can be vicious with words and follow it up with a crucial silent treatment that shows no signs of breaking. But you can, however, ease them out of it with a little submission and acknowledgement of your wrongdoings all the while reminding them why he or she is a blessing from God. That kind of praise will get them purring again but you still have work to do.

Speaking of work, one must make mention of the Leo’s bedroom brilliance! They put the “it’s never as good as the first time” theory to shame . . . effortlessly. Picture the strength and grace of a lion and how easily they balance the two. Leo’s in bed are aggressive with a touch of gentle that smoothes everything out. They will tear your clothes off and passionately paw you in all the right places like it’s his/her duty to remind you that you will never know another to love you like they can. Again, you can’t escape it. Leo loving is never the same or routine, it’s an adventure every time! Don’t forget that lions like to be catered to also, so when loving one remember the word “service” foreplay is a must and take your time. They’re patient lovers!

I dated a Leo for a while and he was certified crazy! That’s what I loved about him, he said what was on his mind to whomever! He didn’t take no sh*t from nobody and he was a boss! He had his own business, was very successful and he was driven! He bossed my whole sh*t up and was like ‘I dare somebody to say something about it.’ The sex was out of control, amazing and I still think about it. I loved every bit of him until I p*ssed him off. Good Lord, he was cruel! Then he got passive possessive. He would call me like I owed him an explanation of who, what, where, when and why. ‘Hey, I called you five minutes ago . . . Oh, you’re at lunch? With your sisters? Just a girls’ lunch date? Oh, okay. On what side of town are you guys having lunch?’ I knew what it was and when I had enough he was not having it. It didn’t work because I’m a Taurus so we both like to be in control. Leos are something else, they make it hard to get in, hard to stay and easy to leave. We’re still friends to this day, though. He’s a great guy but whoever he ends up with is going to be in heaven and hell at the same time. – Deidra, 30

I’m a proud Leo. I think people know before they even approach me not to try me. I’m the kind of person that is straight-up, no nonsense and because of that those are the type of people that I attract and that I surround myself with. I can appreciate people like that because when we all link up, everybody knows we mean business. That’s how you get rich while you’re young, you know what I mean? As far as relationships, my wife and I play our parts pretty well. She’s a Libra and even though she’s tough as nails, she knows how to be a wife to me, a lady when we’re out, a stone-cold freak in the bed, a good mother to our kids and a dedicated partner. We definitely have our moments where neither one of us backs down and we fight tooth and nail to get our point across but at the end of the day, she knows who’s boss. Even though she is the boss, she knows I’m the ‘kang’ around here. – Mitch, 36 on August 11th

My Dad is a Leo and he was hard on us growing up. It was almost like he would go out of his way to be overly critical and it seemed liked it hurt him to say something nice or good about what we were doing. Whether it was sports or our school work or accomplishments, he rarely complimented us. He would always tell us we need to do to improve or what he thought was wrong and how to fix it. We did what he said because if we didn’t . . . man, his lectures were painful. For most of my childhood, I thought that I was just unworthy of his praise or honor but now that I’m grown I completely understand that he wanted us to be the best at whatever we did! No weaklings, no tears, no excuses. I finished college, got my Master’s and have reaped the full benefits of hard work. And my two older brothers are educated, and successful in life and in their marriages. We couldn’t have done that without him being the enforcer. I really would not be the person I am had he not been a part of my life. Yep! My Dad is truly a Leo. – Zing, 28

All the Leos and Leo lovers, please share your thoughts!

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