Blues For Les Bleus: French Coach Suspends Entire World Cup Squad!

- By Bossip Staff

DAYUMMM… The French soccer team is still paying for the stunt they pulled at the World Cup. Pop the hood for details

France coach Laurent Blanc will drop all 23 World Cup players for his first match next month as collective punishment for the team’s embarrassing fiasco in South Africa.

The French federation said Friday in a statement it had granted Blanc permission to suspend the players at the coach’s request.

France was eliminated in the group stage at the World Cup, failing to win a game. The players also refused to train as a protest after Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka was sent home following an expletive-laced tirade at then-coach Raymond Domenech.

Blanc refused to speak to reporters when he left the federation’s headquarters Friday.

France plays a friendly against Norway on Aug. 11 in Oslo, and Blanc is set to announce his squad Aug. 5.

France’s disappointing performance in South Africa came after the team failed to win a game at the 2008 European Championship, also under Domenech.

The French team endured days of chaos at the World Cup after L’Equipe newspaper published a rant by Anelka aimed toward Domenech at halftime of a 2-0 loss against Mexico, prompting the French federation to send him home.

The next day, the entire squad refused to train in protest and captain Patrice Evra had a lively altercation with the team’s fitness coach that was captured on TV.

The events caused an outcry in France, with politicians harshly criticizing the players’ attitude, legislators in parliament questioning the coach and even President Nicolas Sarkozy weighing in on the mess.

Earlier Friday, France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris criticized the squad for being “totally stupid” for going on strike and said he is desperate to “restore the image” that was so badly damaged in South Africa.

“Going on strike was the decision of a group that felt isolated, that felt no one had protected it, and that wanted to get a message across,” Lloris said in an interview with L’Equipe. “We went way too far. It was a clumsy decision, a big mistake. It was totally stupid.”

Lloris, who has 14 international appearances and is expected to stay the No. 1 goalkeeper, accepts the players have an obligation “to make sure what happened in South Africa never happens again, that we don’t self-destruct in that way ever again.”

“We acted more like a team in the bus than on the pitch,” the 23-year-old Lloris said.

“We all want to restore the image of Les Bleus. I’m not asking for us to win everything, just that we all make an effort, that we give everything,” he added. “We need to get back to basics, respect for the jersey, for ourselves, our teammates and the institution that is the France team.”

Federation president Jean-Pierre Escalettes handed in his resignation earlier this month and the federal council unanimously appointed Fernand Duchaussoy as caretaker president Friday.

Duchaussoy said earlier this week it would be difficult for Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema to play for France after both players were issued the preliminary charges for their alleged involvement in a sex scandal with an underage prostitute.

Duchaussoy moderated his position Friday, saying any decision would have to be made in accordance with Blanc’s views on the matter, and that sometimes decisions must be made that go “against one’s personal convictions.”

See, this is why the people can never prevail against the powers that be! this is effed up yo… The team just wanted to take a stand on behalf of their teammates, it’s not like they embarrassed their whole country or anything. Oops. That is kind of what they did, isn’t it?


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  • q


  • Candid Canuck

    team went downhill since Zidane headbutted the italian guido in the 1998? final

  • torontosaar

    it was the 2006 finals when zidane did that! not over 10 years ago lol

  • Mimi

    Zinedine Zidane is the king of French soccer. He can headbut whoever he wants to headbut.

  • Somali Ninga

    Good!! I was rooting for France but this world cup!

  • this site is racist

    Oh I get it. This is a black site. Or a site run by white people who know how quickly black people will flock to condescending ebonic language cuz it’s their “thang”. Sad either way.

  • 1991 UK (The gem of Africa)

    France were terrible this time…but not to play Thierry Henry was their downfall.. he has so much influence on the team.

    France should have gone far their team looked very good on paper

  • latoya

    “this is effed up yo” now i really do believe that white people run this site no black person would write that sentence and put yo at the end

  • Treatise Emily Shaniqua Jones

    I have never seen the French soccer team, and care nothing about them. Unless one of them wants to give me a loan to get my hair done.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    Well it happens. From what I read (since I don’t pay attention to the World Cup) it seems like they could have picked a better place and time for their strike. They only hurt themselves, so it seems.

  • Ben

    The French soccer team are a digrace ad it is very sad that a mostly black team decide to take a stand and make fools of themsleves in Africa.It is a shame that most of them are coconuts who have no pride anyway so not sure what they wanted to achieve.

  • gb

    I think with Raymond Domenech now relieved of his duties as coach, the French squad will begin to get back on the right track, and hopefully qualify for Euro 2012. The match they’ll be suspended for is only a friendly against Norway, so I don’t think it will hurt them too much in the big scheme of things.

    There’s plenty of young talent in the French system, now it’s on Laurent Blanc to help form cohesion and spirit amongst the squad.

  • oduroyal

    That’s stupid on the coach’s part and that game will be an unnecessary loss for the French. He’ll feel stupid when they eventually fire him…the French team might rebel anyhow and purposely lose after this so the coach will get fired quicker. The French coaches and officials need to wisen up, there are some good players there who could decide not to play for France at all in the near future.

    I applaud the players for taking a stand and being a united front.

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