C-Milli Confirms The-Dream Is A Shady Motherfu*ker, Kept Hittin’ After He Said He Was Quittin’

- By Bossip Staff

C-Milli has finally spoken up! Christina Milian has responded to The-Dream’s petition for divorce by confirming that he definitely was chopping her down even after the time period he claimed they were separated. You won’t believe what he wanted her to do just a week before going into labor.

The Nightmare actually had the gall — after not requesting a pre-nup to begin with — to come to C-Milli just days before Violet’s birth and ask her to sign legal paperwork stating she wasn’t entitled to his paper. OH THE WACKNESS!!!!

According to TMZ reports:

Christina Milian wants a judge a throw out the divorce papers filed by her baby daddy The-Dream — claiming that he not only lied about the status of their relationship … but he also cheated on her.

Milian is pissed over The-Dream’s claim that they were legally separated when he filed the divorce docs back in February … just nine days before she gave birth to their daughter.

In her legal response, filed last week in Georgia, Milian claims the marriage wasn’t really kaput when he filed the divorce docs — and subsequently had “marital relations on numerous occasions.”

But Milian also claims that if the court does grant the divorce — it shouldn’t be based on The-Dream’s claim that the marriage is “irretrievably broken” — but rather because the The-Dream was cheating on her.

But it gets worse …

In the docs, Milian admits that she signed a settlement agreement with The-Dream in which both parties waved any alimony or ownership right’s to the other person’s property.

But Milian claims she only signed the docs because The-Dream brought them to her bedside when she was 9-months pregnant … when she was in no condition to sign such important papers.

Good thing The-Dream already said that piece of shizz known as Love King would be his last album… cuz we don’t know any women at this point who’d want to buy the bullshizz he’s sellin! SHADY MOTHERFU*KER!!!!

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  • nettie

    Wow!! This is a situation

  • phelaw

    *ONE WORD*>>>>>>BASTARD!!!

  • Anonymous

    who cares…they are both CLOWNS and will get what they deserve


  • PraDaMaMa

    MayB she didn’t get the Memo…. He ain’t ish sweety … Baby or not …..on 2 da nxt…

  • geegley

    fucck that mothafocka! i never liked his fat saggy lookiing pig assss eew

  • GEt it gal!

    GEt the Paper gal!!!

  • yvonne

    Interesting, this guy should be crowned king of douchebags.smh

  • markh360

    It takes two to tango.

  • she

    He is a user and a scumbag for that one..He used nivea to get out there and used christina for some limelight. Shady loser.

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  • Houston reppaaa

    THats fcked up like on thee real he is shady but who am i to judge

  • Courtney

    He was a total jerk for doing that to her while she was getting ready to give birth to their daughter. he’s going to burn in hell for that.

  • !!!!!


  • Ms. Sippi

    It make sense that the scripture says that you are not suppose to marry another man’s wife, or another woman’s husband.. Dream was feeling himself. If he wanted to live a married lifestyle, he would have stayed with Nivea.. Dream is shady.. After the way he treated Christina no record label should trust him. He just used Christina, trying to get more fame off her name.. Dream should be fired.. I am hilariously reminded of a quote that a professor, “If you are a liar you will lie to anyone about anything, and if you are a cheater you will cheat on your wife cheat, on your taxes, you are just a cheat” this reminds me of Dream.. If he is this wicked to the woman he stood before God and promised for better or for worse, then how honest can anyone exspect him to be with himself, his artist, their music, there contracts.. His character is as deceiving as his voice.. Am I the only one who thinks this dude trys to sing like a woman.. Anyway.. dude is not to be trusted on any level and I hope the industry sees that.. tIME HEALS.. pEACE

  • whatever

    This is a mess. He should be ashamed of himself.

  • girl

    wow, dam, didn’t they just got married>?



  • no, boo

    So is she saying that her being 9 mnths preggo made her lose her ability to read?! Um nice try Christina…..but nonetheless, try to get that $$$$ from his lame-duck azz

  • ebonypearl

    Black Men are always trying to wife up the Quote…Pretty girls(girls that are biracial,redbone, or non black). Yet, They are never satisfied with these women. Halle Berry, C.Milli,Eva Marcille….Can never seem to keep a man…They might need to look at them selves.

  • dre

    as dave chapple would say, you dirty mf! I do not understand this bamma, he takes her all over and would not be seen with out her before he married her and when he married her. I bought that ni&&a first cd I will never buy another, he better make this cd his last, bamma carried one our maryland gals like that.

  • rafael

    Dream is disgusting for how he did Christina dirty. i know her and her family. they are ALL very sweet women. Christina is a good girl! shes beautiful,talented and loyal. what a shame it is for him to embarass his wife the way he did. he has some serious soul searching to do. i am really suprised he was able to get her in the 1st place. shes definitely the prettiest girl he’ll ever touch in his disgusting life

  • genesis

    idk what the eff she saw in him anyway!

  • Soul Touch

    Wow…his is worthless.

    Both her and Nivea should thank their lucky stars that he’s out of their lives. I know it hurts now, but the man is selfish and cold.

    Didn’t like him before, I detest him now.

  • JustSignedToYe'sLabel

    It’s cats like the Dream be making it harder for brothers with our own women.. Why you knock up shorty, marry her then divorce her in less then 6 months? And now you stuntin with new work?. Brah get your priorities straight, because of this, you will more than likely never be anything in music again.. I aint bought none of yo albums and never will!!!

  • genesis

    what is wrong with us women?? we know these dogs are cheatin yet we still open up our legs to them…smh that was stupid on her part.at least have a lil self respect.

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