7 Habits Of Highly Disgusting Parents

- By Bossip Staff

It starts with all that prodding and poking throughout pregnancy. That’s when you say goodbye to your inhibitions. But it’s impossible to imagine, until you cross your own personal pain and shame threshold (aka labour and delivery), just how low you’ll stoop.

Unless you’re rich enough to hire your kids out to the nanny 24-7, somewhere along your parental path you will find yourself engaging in at least one of the following 7 disgusting behaviours:

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  • honeyxxx

    first hehehe

  • all that glitters

    Guilty as charged…lol!

  • Somali Ninga

    I remember when I was in Uganda and everyone picked their nose in public. I guess its the norm there. :S

  • KitKat

    I was just sniffing my niece’s butt out in public yesterday….I had to take a several long whiffs just to be sure.

  • bklynista718

    hey us moms are all guilty of that..those things dont seem as embarrasing anymore..especially when ur child farts in public and it doesnt shock u cuz u did it when u were preggers..lol..they shouldve add licking ur babys pacifier clean when she drops it on ur house floor..never thought i’d do that..and i was a germaphobe..lol..but thats what happens when u have a kid..they’re born free so u have to be free wit em..nose picking and all..lol

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    She also forgot to mention: eating stale cherrios left in the stroller, picking wedgies out of toddler’s tushies, taking photos of a child’s first poop on the potty, and my personal fav, using your spit as an all purpose cleaner! It removes dirt, food, and other unmetionabes on skin, plus it acts as a spot treatment on clothing too, it’s fast acting, ecconomical, and organic, so it’s safe for the enviornment!!! These are just some of the gross things I’ve witnessed parents do.

  • Winty F. Baby

    And its so funny to because I can pick my baby’s nose and even forgive her for her farting, but I still get grossed out at other kids or adults doing it.

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