Quote Of The Day: Irv Gotti Says ‘Nicki Minaj Is As Talented As Lauryn Hill’

- By Bossip Staff

Irv Gotti said a mouthful recently when he compared Nicki Minaj to Lauryn Hill in an interview with VIBE Magazine. Pop the hood for the full quote

The world has yet to see the best of Nicki Minaj. What she’s delivering to the world now is basically what they want. But I know that she’s a super talented superstar who can do anything at a high level—rap, sing, act, whatever she wants to do. This is just the beginning of Nicki Minaj. Her best is yet to come. In my opinion she is as talented as my other girl Lauryn Hill. They have completely different styles. But as far as the talent is concerned they both can do it all. Nicki just isn’t showing it yet ’cause she doesn’t want to. But world be prepared ’cause she’s the truth!

WOW! That’s a pretty big leap. Obviously Nicki is very dramatic and has both singing and rapping talent. But does her talent really come ANYWHERE near Lauryn Hill at her prime???

What do you think?

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  • s.a.s.s.y24

    Irv Gotti needs to sit down is he even relevant anymore?

  • rain

    Irv Gotti is smoking crack smh

  • Illuminati Opinion -- Fancy $h!t

    Epic……………………………………………………………………… FAIL, Gotti…. SMH.

  • Somali Ninga

    You’re kiddin right?
    What an insult to Ms. Hill

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  • Dev

    Do you really want a responce to that question?

  • Pasha

    This fool must be on drugs. Lauryn’s music comes from her heart and soul. Nicki is animated and scripted and there is NO comparison what so ever. Who the hell is he anyways???

  • Ree

    That would be a no!

  • TMoney253

    That n*gga dumb. He really think this b*tch can sing? Your Love was doused in autotune.

  • maymay

    hellllll noooooo
    lauryn is my girl she is no way better than lauryn she doesn’t even come close that just made me hella upset now

  • Miss Moneypenny

    In an alternative universe. People are still hoping for a Lauren Hill combat after a ten year hiatus and one major cd.

  • lbdaking

    I mean he did specify that they have different styles so… in a sense I could say yes. He’s right she’s fairly new to the scene and we haven’t seen what all that she can do – I’m sure. She’s young and really talented so with the right people behind her she could go far.

  • hip hop lover

    this is the lamest joke i ever heard, lauren is hands down more real and talented then any of the women in the game right now ! i miss real music big white coporations have taken over hip hop …… we need lauren hill to come back, common get back to it, talib kwali , mos def, nas ! no one can compare to them …

  • she

    Like the way all these industry loser men are on her ass..good to see their true colours.

  • LionessTae

    Sooo yeah NEGATIVE! Irv let’s stop the blasted foolishness. And tell Minaj that fake Jamaican twist is for the birds stick with soca Trini chick

  • Ladybug

    In my Willona from Good Times voice “Negro please” Nicki Minaj is a gimmick a trend only big because of her affliation with Lil Wayne the artist she’s more on the level of is Ashanti when she was on Murder Inc. and when Murder Inc fizzled out so did Ashanti.

  • tellthetruth

    I’m so sick of Irv speaking when he’s high! There is no comparison even figuratively speaking. Lauryn sings from her heart and soul, she raps on a conscious level speaking to uplift and broaden your mind while tearing you up & she can act. Stop it Irv, it’s no wonder you’re not relevant, you have no eye or ears for real talent.

  • http://mcclure.danielle@yahoo.com Chester Tha Kat!!!!!! :-)

    Nikki Minaj is very beautiful, but aren’t like Lauryn Hill. Lauryn Hill can actually sing and rap. Now, I understand why the dummies think Jay Z and Lil’ Wayne are the best rappers alive, because they don’t know real from fake music. BIG and Tupac are always going to be the best rappers. These rappers are not even on their level and don’t know how to be. 😀

  • aint that some bull s h i t

    Wow and I guess Ja rule was the next Cool G rap! Get the f out of here!

  • maymay

    hip hop lover said it the best and i hear you lionesstae with her fake Jamaican accent because im originally from Jamaica when heard hold yuh and her on it i was like no nicki remember your a trini no from JA

  • thatonegirl

    GTFOH!!!!!! I’ll give 2 more years B 4 nicki disappears.

  • Remember this....

    Irv also said ashanti was the best song writer so umm…..its murder??

  • aint that some bull s h i t

    Why do Trini’s always want to act like they from Ja?

  • Go-Go Girlie

    @Remember this, Ashanti may not have been a good singer, but she is a good songwriter. However, Nicki does not compare to Lauryn Hill even if she can sing and rap well.

  • Christine5980


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