Seen On The Scene: “Basketball Wives” Kick It In MIA With Keri Hilson

- By Bossip Staff

Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada hit up the 400 Club in South Beach this weekend where Keri Hilson was hosting. Hmmmm…we see Evelyn was letting the lil butterfly tat loose…

More pics including Keri Hilson, Tank, and more on the flippy..


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  • Coco before Chanel

    I see Keri changed up her syle big time, no more crappy weaves wit spandex and sneakers lol! But me likey

  • cleveland


  • ImJustSayin

    Something about Evelyn is very trashy too me….But Hey… ImJustSayin

  • 10PennyDOLL

    Keri is COPYING Rhianna BIGGG TIME!! like WTF get ur own style biter!!!

  • Allie

    Love shaunie’s new hair color

  • It's Me

    I would knock (splack) them all down starting with Shaunie. All air heads (except Shaunie) but nice body’s.

  • notadummy

    Keri Hilson lies about her age. She looks the same age as evelyn and shaunie. Shaunie looks awesome!

  • aunddoggandauntfail

    Looks like fun times!!

  • you step in jail, you getting RAPED!

    Keri Hilson has to be one the finest women in the world.

  • nellz

    Yall sound bitter hating on them,hop off!!

  • MY I'S ON U


  • White Women Rule

    Oh my the total hypocracy….isn’t this the same woman who slammed cheerleader for her “inappropriate” dancing, yet her attire is anything but tasteful. Darling there’s a reason why you weren’t a wife.

  • rene

    The Girls look nice, Evelyn has lost some weight, How did she do it? I can’t wait for the Fall I love The baskerball wives.

  • marshh

    is it but keri has rihannas old hair do to the same color. even the side of her head wus blk jus likrih rih i used to like keri but not 2 much

  • Rihanna's Sharp N Pointy Witchy FingernailsTookTheOath

    Rihanna has copied everyone from Grace Jones, Beyonce,M.I.A., FeFe Dobson,Madonna, and Kelis.

  • Jessica

    As much as I want to say something negative, because I don’t like neither of these ho’s. But I must admit that they do look good.

  • justhatlala

    they all look nice in those pix

  • sportstalk23

    I co-sign with Oh No the title of that show was wrong right along with the rest of it as the only wife was Jen,
    and we saw how shaky that marriage was it should have just been titled
    Basketball Wife,Babymammas and Jumpoffs,and word is there maybe a Football Wives coming soon,thanks a lot E true hollywood story,
    if they hadn’t done those shows on rappers,basketball,football and baseball wives maybe we would be spared this
    And Keri should ditch the new do the blond doesn’t work for her

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