Nicki Minaj Collaborates With For Debut

- By Bossip Staff

With Nicki Minaj now taking over The Queen Bee spot in Hip-Hop, anticipation for her debut is higher than ever and with the help of her new hit single “Your Love,” it’s not cooling off. Continue…

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  • aunddoggandauntfail is not goin to save your non-existent career, you are going downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • miss infamous

    It will be a happy day for me when this chick dissapears from the music industry

  • imjustsayin

    yea she really aint going nowhere no time soon keep wishing and dreaming but i promise you she will be a mainstream hit…way more then kim
    just sayin

  • MissNiaG

    Nikki might just be a phase in Hip hop right now….the Queen bee has been around for years..u cant compare the two..On two different levels…

    Follow me /twitter/MissNiaG

  • MissNiaG

    Queen BEe…buzzzzzzzz….

    FOllow me on twitter/MissNiaG

  • NOLA

    As soon as Nicki’s album drops in the fall, her career will surely follow suit. Time is almost up…enjoy this clown while, and IF, you can! I’M JUST SAYING!!

  • AlekWekJunkie

    I think she’s cute/adorable, but her lyrical style is whack, lil kim 24/7 all day every day!! HAIL 2 DA QUEEN BEE (Lil Kim)!!

  • Kristina

    Irv Gotti said Nicki Minaj is as talented as Lauryn Hill. So we’ll see if this broad’s album is as good as the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. LMAO!

  • yo

    So many haters? Lol this is what the world is coming to.. If u don’t like her.. why comment and listen to her songs? I bet yall buy her album.. I’m not no huge fan but her lyrics are decent, fake or real her appearance is on point. Goodluck on album sells

  • imjustsayin

    lol ok nola and if her album does good what does that mean for her career??
    if she can get her mixtapes to sell at the success it did what makes you think she cant get her real album to
    record lables aint stupid if they didn’t have proof that this girl could be marketed they wouldn’t even have bothered including wayne
    green at ya color

  • nywoman23...killuminati

    she is physically beautiful. *no*

  • Cleveland Sux

    When I don’t like an artist I generally don’t clink on any link that has anything to do with them. What do I have to gain from that, what would be the point? That’s why some of you all are haters, b/c you click on the link, then go out your way to say something negative about the person you “can’t stand”.

  • Kristina

    Oh look at me, I’m a Nicki Minaj stan! She’s so awesome and talented and anyone who disagrees with me is a hater! And I can’t grasp my tiny mind around the fact that this is a gossip blog where ppl are supposed to voice their opinion! I’m going to go throw a tantrum, I’ll be back on here later. GTFOH!

  • bmarie

    You know, she has grown on me… I’m not saying I’m about to start wearing magenta-colored wigs and screaming “it’s Barbie b I t c h!” In a tourette’s like fashion, but she’s not unbearable.

  • Nado

    Whats with dis haters…..get off nicki’s back nd get a life…..she’s great…hate it or love it….

  • Rocki28

    Real or fake it doesn’t matter the same people that hated her last year have multiplied. I don’t get it, if you hate her so much why do you keep coming in her posts and posting comments??


    Woww….like real recognize real….how can you hate on Nikki M. right now, she is doing her thing…

  • babysis


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  • chanda

    She would have more respect if she would SHOW some respect…she’s a clown…

  • nana

    I don’t knw y u people keep HATING?? I think she’s makin big moves. I also think LIL KIM is a also DOPE!! Can’t we hve a couple of more female MC’s?? Daaaaannnnnng a GIRL can’t catch a break? Hate much!!! Pffffffff I think NICKI shld jus say Lil kim is dope n move on.. Am sick and tired of DRAMA people… Come on now black people we can do so much better

  • heru9


  • SoulSista

    What kinda moron expects everyone else to agree with their point of view. You may be a follower who clings to every piece of garbage that is shoved in your face because its popular, that doesnt make someone else a ‘hater’ for having a different opinion. Wtf is Nicki Mirage to be exempt from criticism? She does nothing more than promote a negative superficial image for these dumb hoodrats to aspire too. Another bad role model for our children.

  • G Queen

    Ok i dont hate nikki but cant say i jus love her yet she got some versus where im like you betta say dat then its times im like where dey do dat at i would respect her more if her swag wasnt so plastic its like lta us blck grls do the weave eyelashes nails bt y fke breast nose but i likd the old nikkis look n i wantd her to b great bt she strtn a lotta self hatin trends n i agre wit brwn sista i jus noted that she do need to represent she wasnt as white sknd bak n the gap but ya i like havn a female voice out there she no lauryn hill by far bt i dont c how she jus so unda lil kim kim is better bt nikki nt to far behind n thas mostly ckuz she didn do it first but to nikki LOSE THE IMPLANTS THE BARBIE STUFF THE HARAJUKU CLOTHEZ N YOU GOT YOU A STAN

  • Rock Citys' $hin

    she looks elegant…can’t wait to see the album sales whenever it drops…

    (CHA$$$$CHING!!! time to ca$h in)

  • jj

    lol exactly sweetz i mean its funny how they telling other people to stop calling them haters but yet they wanna voice their opinions as though their hateful thoughts on nikki is valid and everyone else is wrong,that
    s h i t is annoying to me….i dont know what people got against this girl most people need a reason to hate someone
    ( i thought)what other reason do they have to dislike her for other then her success..mad because other people like her??LAME
    people in the entertainment business gotta be prepared for hateful BS like this tho
    (misery loves company)

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