Greg The K.O. Kid Who Knocked Out Suge Is Put To Sleep Like A Baby By Skin Head-Bouncers!

- By Bossip Staff

When K.O. Greg, The Guy Who Knocked Out Suge, gets a door in his back while trying to interview Monica Danger… K.O. tries to check the security, but is quickly choked out and put to sleep. Poor K.O. even wakes up looking like a newborn and starstruck. Continue

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  • nywoman23...killuminati

    anytime some1 comes from the back at some1 thats a cowards move.especially he wasnt even being violent.had it been 1 on i bet he wouldve knocked them out just like he did suge. yeah the guy was being annoying but that security got in his face first.but he majority of people are cowards anyway. only act tough when they are with other people.

  • White Women Rule

    Skinhead…do you know this for certain or are you just going off of the fact that he’s white and bald??? Hmmmm…cold this be reverse racism? Darling no race loving skin head would work security at an event that wasn’t “white only”.

  • LMAO


  • Wow

    Dude was all c ocky from knocking “Sugar Bear” Knight out. True ,he got ran up on from behind, but what do you expect from bouncers.That how they roll.Lol the bouncer carefully laying his head on the sidewalk, like he was tucking him in.

  • nywoman23...killuminati

    but seriously though dude couldve killed him. dmn i wish i knew how to do im gonna have to read about that. its beats fighting. just grab some1 in the right spot and put them to sleep.then be out and dont have to worry about getting arrested maybe.

  • loc

    Wtf is reverse racism? How can u reverse hating a race by un- hating them ?

  • Lady_Star

    SO TIRED of Racisim!!

  • Lady_Star

    Was this a public event? Skinheads don’t like to mingle outside “their race”. So if it wasn’t white only, he’s probably not a skinhead but just another bald white guy

  • Hit N Run

    LOL I went to Yelp to check the reviews on this spot and guess what? Some reviewers said they dont let you in if youre dark! Who would have guessed theyre racist! Check for yourself. Hope dude comes back STRAPPED and cuts them all down! FOR REAL!

  • http://deleted white male

    I really doubt that is true Hit N Run. All clubs in Hollywood are mostly black people.

  • http://deleted white male

    real black

    chill out man
    stress is bad for you

  • Kenyetta

    LMAO @ Real black…Now wth does bw have to do wth this ninja getting choked out by them yt boys???

  • real black is chocolate

    go die cracka with your dirty SELF-HATING sellout black wh0re!! f’ckin pu$$y azz white boy!!

  • Unkle Ruckus

    Ain’t nothing going on at that time of night but the Devil. Shoulda kept his goofy behind home. As for the rest of you posters, you see the crap “real Black” is spewing. He wanna kill something, but will be the first on to snitch on somebody when they get caught so he don’t do a real bid.

  • krakatoa

    Cowards! Choking out a man holding a mic just because he’s having a little argument. Hope those punks get wasted some time soon.

  • Deesac


    That’s some good wisdom that you talking hopefully some young cats will listen to the warning that your sending.

  • real black is chocolate

    @Unkle Ruckus


  • diamond

    I’ve heard of a sleeper hold but i didn’t know it actually put you to sleep. He was out cold for a couple of seconds. Damn. This is kind of funny though, those white dudes put him to sleep lol he deserved it

  • drenk

    @ real black is chocolate

    you need to worry about syntax and grammar before getting all worked up about black love, you need an english teacher in 2010

  • Keep it Real

    I’m not placing blame nor calling it racist. The most important lesson is to know where you’re at (your surroundings) and who you’re rolling with. His boys are worthless.

  • You Smell Me??

    Naa Son, that was uncalled for, the bouncer got in his face, then pushed him, then dude comes from behind and chokes him out…

  • WTF

    First off just because a white man has a bald head and tats does not make him a skin head. There does not seem to be anything racially motivated about it. I used to work club security, I’m black, I threw out white boys did that make me racist? I was bald headed and more muscular at the time. Did that make me a thug?

    Second a sleeper hold is one of the easiest most effective offensive moves to make. ANYBODY can do it. I have women in my self defense class accidently knock out guys with it. So its not as impressive as it seems.

    Third, depending on the law of that state, the bouncers may have been out of line to clear street traffic. Often club security’s responsibilities end at the door. Anything beyond that point puts the management in higher liabity. If the bouncer’s choke hold cracked the guy’s teeth the club owner may be liable for it. Especially if those women weren’t club patrons or in any danger. If it was simply a traffic issue the best bet would have been to either calmly address the issue by isolating the perp, telling the driver to move on or calling the police.

  • drenk

    big surprise a strong man paid to strong arm people, does what his job and its racist? never met a bouncer with a calm demeanor and looking to talk things out

  • My name here

    Hey Bouncerfriend, I actually could tell he wasn’t racist by the way he was speaking. But I could also tell he either like black women or dated black women. His aggression towards the black man showed something deeper than “professional” duties. He clearly has issues with black men. Could it be that b/c his girlfriend is black he always get looks from black men? Black men always try him in front of his girl? Could he have insecurities? Any chance he got to finally get back at one of them he took.

  • Flex One

    I am reporting RealBlackIsChocolate for making threats and trying to incite the murder of innocent people based on the color of skin. What a waste of space this person is. He/she belongs in a third world country.

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