Mario Shows His Assets After Showing Up Late For A Concert In Rochester, NY

- By Bossip Staff

Mario was supposed to perform at the music festival in Rochester, NY along with Anthony Hamilton and Dru Hill. Since Mario felt there was no need to show up for sound check, he decided to show his assets and punch the sound guy in the face when his mic messed up?!?!

Sounds Like Someone Has A Case Of The Yeezy?!??

According to one of our readers that attended the show, here’s what they had to say:

Just wanted to tell you about good ole Mario.We had a music festival in Rochester NY.The line up was Mario, Anthony Hamilton , Dru Hill .The festival was alright , it started late and we now all why. Mario, didn’t show up to sound check , and arrived at the event late…he was supposed to go one before Dru Hill, but since he didn’t come on time, he had to perform after them. So after he perform a few songs, he sounded was mess, (since he never showed up for MIC CHECK ) they cut his mic and his set was over and because he showed up late that caused the show to go late. They cut his time, which cause Mario to start swinging, it was a mess.

Sources say Mario started throwing bows at the sound guy. Sounds like Mario has caught a case of the Yeezys and it seems that only thing these two had in common were their women, Amber Rose and Dez… SMH!!!

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  • Free 2 b me

    Umm…is dru hill still around?

  • Yun Dun Know

    Ha! He’s a CORNBALL. I reside in Rochester and got talked about hardbody. No one will ever come see him if he ever comes here.

    These artists have no respect and think they s.hit dont stink.

    This is why I laugh when they go broke and fall hard on that

  • http://deleted Just Sayin

    Respect the people who are paying you IDIOT!

  • Yun Dun Know

    @Canadian Connection:

    It doesnt matter if the person who witnessed it has grammar issues; THE WHOLE AUDIENCE saw it!!!!!

    Jeez….I live here and heard everyone talking about it. He’s wack. And for that, I have lost respect.

    This is what happens when these arrogant people think that the world revolves around them.

    Would you show up late to work and then punch your boss in the face if your PC wasnt working properly??

    Probably not.

  • nana

    Coccaine is a hell of a drug! Smh

  • M Ferragamo

    Rochester is wack. That is why he didnt care about being late.

  • sfe

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  • hunnyBun

    steroids caused him to spazz out like that

  • BBBEE25

    Damn I was just thinking about going back to the Roc. Food is good up there. Mario is something else…how are you late and actin a fool? Maybe he didn’t understand what was going on?

  • Yun Dun Know

    @M Ferragamo:

    Eh, it is. But thats no excuse for someone to be disrespectful to the very fans who helped make you.

    So…if you were an artist, getting paid to perform in Omaha, Nebraska (a place that is also wack), would you be late just because you didnt care about the venue or would you be thinking about that check you’re about to receive??

    I’d choose the latter. Its a business so treat it as such.

    These artist need to realize that without the fans they are nothing.

    But hey, Mario is wack anyways, so it really wasnt a huge deal. N*gga got yanked off the stage along with his mic.

    Good Job Rocheser!

  • White Women Rule

    @M Ferragamo 7/27/10, 09:40:AM

    Excuse me??? Darling Rochester is a beautiful city. What prison cell of a city do you reside in? I’m sorry, it’s obvious your nothing more than a child and I refuse to degrade other peoples children. Stay in school dear.

  • hughdiddy

    mario is hpye, been one of my fav artist for years, in a bad show ya gotta blame someone, jus so happens that it was the sound check guys fault, the way i see it, regardless if mario showed up late and threw the show outta wack, if your a sound check guy u should be good enuf at your job u shouldnt need the artist to be there, whahappen to presets ? i got them on my 1990 radio… take note.. stop hatin’ start participating!

  • Antonio Bone


  • Kinna

    Exactly @ Hughdiddy…all these lames talking about Mario is wack need to STHU! He is one of few artist’s who has natural talent and doesn’t require auto tune or a bunch of back up dancers to make his performance great. Ppl have all these high expectations of artists as if their not human first. And to the few who claim they no longer support him, i’m sure u wont make as much a dent in his his career.

  • Rihanna's Sharp N Pointy Witchy FingernailsTookTheOath

    First, Mario needs to respect the audience and be on time.
    These stars have jobs to do and that is to entertain us. I don’t know any work place a person can show up to late and a. keep their job or b. have some type of consequences, as a result.
    Mario is an amazing singer, but still respect the paying customers!!

  • wifey06

    check him for crack or powder

    same thing amber hooked Kanye on!!!

    I want them to test Mel gibson- I think the m-u-t-ts /becky’s be drugging these men!!

  • chriskaboo

    Mario focus that energy on a new single…shit

  • nwilson

    I’ve always liked Mario. But, after hearing something like this, it kind of turns you off from him or any artist that act like this with this kind of behavior. I say grow up Mario!

  • what is that?

    @ White Women Rule i have family in rochester and my mother has been there and they said that ya downtown is about 4 blocks long..i believe that rocktown is beautiful..but itty,bitty..

  • what is that?

    this young man is fine as wine,but it is sad that people pay for what that want and the not show up physically or in the mind…no matter what the size of the still have to give it 150%..that why michael jackson,managed to be in the business for so long..but you got to love want you do..and not the perks that comes around with it..



  • It's Me

    his punk azz trying to fight, i bet the sound guy was a skinny lil white boy… Wasn’t a reall nicca…

  • M Ferragamo

    @ white woman rule-

    Grew up off Genesee in the 19th, but both parents had jobs and was able to leave that raggedy mf every summer. One summer while in L.A, on my way back from Honolulu I realized I was too big for that MF. Visited the A before my senior and fell in love.(when I came back that time it was 95 in the A and 62 in Rochester and I had to open my luggage to put on a pair of pants.) Could have lived in DC, L.A or the A. Left for the A for college and have only been back 3 times since then. Hate using my vacation time to only be in Rochester. Bored after one day of kicking. Ain’t no where to hang out and the only restaurants are family restaurants and the only place to kick it is at white clubs. That’s why y’all so upset w/Mario. Y’all only have 2 or 3 things to do in those 2 months when the weather is nice. 14619

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