Former NBA Player Lorenzen Wright Found Dead In Memphis

- By Bossip Staff

Bad news… We told you this weekend that former NBA player Lorenzen Wright had gone missing and his family feared the worst. News just broke that his body has been discovered in the woods of Memphis Tennessee

Former NBA player Lorenzen Wright has reportedly been found dead in a wooded area in Southeast Memphis.
Memphis police are still investigating, but a report on indicates that the body found “had been shot and it may be self inflicted.” We haven’t yet seen confirmation from authorities, but it appears that Wright’s disappearance may have ended in the worst way imaginable. We’ll continue to monitor this story for further updates.

Wright had been missing since July 17th after leaving his ex-wife’s home. His family filed a missing person’s report on July 23rd and said that they feared he’d been the victim of foul play — suspicions the police initially downplayed. Earlier on Wednesday, police had announced that they had found a body in southeastern Memphis as they investigated Wright’s location based on his last known phone call, a 911 hangup made early in the morning of July 18th.

Wright had been having financial problems, but reportedly was carrying a good deal of cash when he disappeared, which raises the possibility of robbery as a motive for murder.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. R.I.P.


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  • Butterscotch™

    Condolences to his family. Such a sad way for the situation to end.

  • lala

    really sad ,

  • ladolcevita

    RIP Lorenzen, a fellow Memphis State Tiger. You will be missed

  • sunflower

    I was really hoping he was just taking a break. Damn I was hoping he was just takin a break.

  • sunflower

    Reports of a 911 call from his cell??

  • Large


  • super goon one


  • Kastro


    My condelences to his family.

  • AlekWekJunkie

    How sad, i was hoping he’d turn up alive when i heard he was missing. God bless the family.

  • butterflyj30

    RIP I don’t think he would do that too himself I think he may have been killed. GOD bless his family and kids.

  • Sha


  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    oh no 😦 this is sad. condolences to his family

  • Cheryl

    I’m from memphis my friend use to date him b4 he married his ex-wife. It’s so sad especially when u know someone that really cared about him. He was last seen at a local barbershop with alot of cash on him. I don’t think anyone can shoot themselve 12 times. That man was robbed and murdered. My friend said she think his ex-wife had something 2 do with it. RIP lorenzen u will truly be missed.

  • GreeneyedBandit


  • 1TruDiva with the PlatinumVocals--I'm just too good to be true!!!


    I was hoping this had a positive ending.

  • Prettyrenee

    Eye Witness News is stupid for thinking this was self-inflicted when investigators are clearly calling it a murder! Second of all, a credible news channel is reporting he was supposed to be going back to Atlanta with a friend. Why are they not investigating that friend? R.I.P. My condolences goes out to his family and friends.

  • It's Me

    Damn RIP…

  • kimora Cochran

    AJC recently posted the story claiming the 911 call recorded gunshots from what sounds like several weapons in the background. There is a lot of unanswered questions concerning this case, so I’m certain this will not be the last we hear about it. This is a horrible ending so the initial “missing person” report. May God be with his family.

  • peaches

    A sad day in Memphis. Lorezen was a standup guy for our city. Nothing like crybaby Penny Hardaway. At least Ren did marry his kids mother. Penny got kids he barely take care of, one just graduated from high school and Latarsha just had another one-4 years ago by him again. Two by Nikki in Miami. Ren gave back to the community and always cared about people.
    RIP Ren!!!!

  • Bey-nonsense

    I really hate it happened like this, especially for his kids.

  • Bey-nonsense

    Hopefully the police will find out who did this.




    So you guys screening comments now…?

  • bx2dadeath

    Allegedly, his ex-wife was one of the last people to see him alive.

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