To Whom Do These Bony Bent Over Backs Belong?

- By Bossip Staff

This Hollyweird D-Lister was spotted swirling it up in St. Tropez with her backs all in the wind. Can you guess who she is? Here’s a hint, she was doing pretty well until she started hanging with Paris and Nicole… SMH

It’s Tara Reid! Hey Tara, who is your dreadlocked friend??? By the looks of that lump on her back, she may be wearing a microphone. Hmmmm wonder if she’s shooting another reality travel show. Do y’all remember that horrible “Taradise” show???

Bauer Griffin

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  • lala

    i mean , who cares ?

  • Kenyetta

    Typical bm’s dream!


    Hey blackman here’s one for ya!

  • Kenyetta

    You don’t have to call ’em out! Sh@t Yt women puzzy make some kind of dolphin sound that only ninjas can here and emit an order only ninjas can smell. You see how fast that ninja showed up at McDonalds to defend Becky! lmao….!!!!

  • blaq

    must be nice to be a Becky, no matter how busted you look there is always a decent looking black man that is more than happy to date you…smh

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

    ewww i knew it was her…wow does she know what she looks like

  • Kenyetta

    Decent looking bm…Chile please…*In my Ochocino voice!!!

  • bx2dadeath


  • Kenyetta

    Ho.e sit down!!!

  • Lina


  • super goon one


    Tell em you really mad!

  • bossipisobsessedwithrace

    She’s not dating that man because she’s engaged to a rich German man

  • Kenyetta

    No but I see your big azz forhead sticking out of that yt woman’s azz!

  • Kenyetta

    Now sit down before I feed you some fried chicken and watermelon with a side of malt liquor!

  • Madam Butterfly415

    EWWWWWW and YUCK!!!!!

  • loveyou111

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  • Jones7

    Mmmmm, chopsticks and vagina. Awesome!!!

  • Kenyetta

    More like Chopped fish and Vaginal yeast…eat it up ninja!!!

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    gross. and i’m much older than she is and don’t look like that…smh

    sidenote: i’m done with this site. the new layout is beyond whack and it has way too many adds. i just can’t. it’s been a good 2 years or so though.

  • Xxx

    Oh my god! o mon dieu! ay dios mio! ahhh, haha Kenyetta, yes a negro shall break his neck for that.Walk a thousand miles for that. Climb mt . everest fo that. What wont the negro men do for that???

  • Oh yeah!

    Ewwwww!! i think im going to throw up.

  • tmoney

    eeeewwwwwwwwww…(threw up a little bit)

  • Give dude a break

    Do your thing homie

  • It's Me

    Bish look like a crack head

  • juliemango

    Tara needs 2 gain @ least 20 lbs & maintain it!!!

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