T.I. Awards His Camp K.I.N.G. Kids With Laptop Computers

- By Bossip Staff

Rapper T. I. recently gave back to the Atlanta community and awarded the young attendees of his event Camp K.I.N.G. with laptops.

The event, which T.I. created to empower and uplift urban youth, was a summer camp dedicated to molding youth into future leaders. After completing the camp, all of the attendees were given a certificate as well as a laptop.

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  • http://www.KimoraCochran.com kimora Cochran

    Can someone cue a round of applause for Clifford please?! Thanks!

  • Blessed Daughter

    Thank you T.I. We really appreciate you giving back to the community.

    God Bless My Brotha

  • honeychild23

    thats great to hear. congrats to the youth tha attended his camp.

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  • Datzher

    Finally for once they show da good side of celebrity instead of bashing them about other stuff

    good for TI…but everyone should kno it aint da first time he gave back

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  • ice princess

    Who knew he had a camp? Lol

    But there’s nothing better tthan seeing people make use of their celebrity status….especially rappers

    Break down that stigma!

  • Onyx

    T.I.’s basically a good guy with a heart for those less fortunate.
    He also just happens to be one of the sexiest philanthropist I’ve ever seen. Do your thang baby!

  • countess hearn

    I knew about the camp and I think that’s wonderful

  • Just Sayin

    Good looking out!

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  • Just Sayin

    Check out the OLPC website.

  • miari

    Proud of you T.I ATL has a king

  • juliemango

    Hope those kids value those computers & put them 2 good use!!!

  • It's Me

    that what real pimps do. Keep up the great work TIP…

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