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Some Philly cat f*cked some dude up on the subway with a hammer while his son watched. SMH:

Police have arrested a man suspected of brutally attacking a dozing subway passenger with a hammer while other riders did nothing to stop the assault, the city’s police commissioner said Wednesday. Thomas Scantling, 26, of Philadelphia, was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and related charges, police said. Scantling, who was taken into custody in a mental institution late Tuesday, has a lengthy record of rape and other convictions, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said on NBC’s Today. The assailant entered the train with his 5-year-old son, directed the boy to a seat, calmly pulled a hammer from a backpack and attacked a man dozing in a nearby seat. At least 10 other riders were in the car, yet no one interfered as the attacker repeatedly struck the victim in the train car and later out on a platform. They better pray they’re never a victim, because if someone was attacking them that way they would certainly hope someone would step forward and help, and it starts with stepping forward and doing something yourself.

Got damn this fool has a problem! Banging on poor innocent people with “baby” Scantling on deck. We hope this “bafoon” never gets to see daylight again.

Check out the disturbing video right now…

Click here for the direct link…


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  • Ya Boy KJ




    Yall folk is crazy out there…

  • JJ

    The city of Brotherly Luv my azz!

  • Oshie

    Looks like Dirt McGirt’s cousin.

  • Aunt Viv

    I’ve read enough, and refuse to watch the video. Crazy man!

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Sad n Crazy!

  • The Elitist

    Why are you all surprised? It’s Philly for Heaven’s sake! Philly is no better than Detroit. Both cities are the “Armpits of America”. This is why I don’t sit anywhere near you people…

  • Creole Baby Hotter than Ya Ma Grits

    filthy jamacain

  • hmmm

    On another site, it said that the reason why he did it was that this guy made sexual advances on his son and he went to look for him and in the video, you can see the father talking to his son and telling him to go sit down while he handle some business. I don’t know what to think anymore…two sides of the story….hmmm but he is nuts if it isn’t true!!!! I feel sorry for the boy.

  • alldatndensum

    he’s mentally ill … cut slack where it’s due

  • tru3playboy


  • http://scorpioprincess Shanny

    This a sad situation….doesnt matter if it happened in philly or any where else in the world, the truth is we have crazy people all over the world and this could have happened to any body on the train, walking down the street or in someone’s house or any where! What I dont understand is how he had his son with him and where’s the son’s mother, and how could she let her 5 year old be with his CRAZY father! My prayers go out to the young man who had to go through that whole ordeal with the attacker. And for those who were on the train (MEN) and didnt help, they are CHUMPS and I know if is was them, they would have wanted some one to help them!


  • BeReal


    Yall folk is crazy out there


    LOL, I was thinking the same thing…Ms. Philly get ya boy!

    I saw this on TV like 2 days ago, sad that nobody helded but who wants to be a victim too? I was thinking it must have been personal but I guess the dude is just crazy

  • Ms. Philly


    Yall folk is crazy out there…


    True babe…

    I saw this on the news on Tuesday morning…they just kept showing the video…its disgusting. And why is the child in his possesion if he is a convicted rapist??

  • http://Checkmeout Jewish Lady

    I could see if he did this when his child wasn’t present, but what type of sick person influences his child like this to commit crimes.

  • Ms. Philly

    I was thinking it must have been personal but I guess the dude is just crazy


    They were saying the smae thing at my job! Because in the video it looked as though the lil boy said something to the man and they were conversating for a min, then he sat him down and wailed at him…but I’m glad they caught his crazy ass…word is his mamma turned him in.

  • Black Thought

    Is it just me, or does dude look like David Banner?!? I’mjussayin’…

  • Ms. Philly

    and thats why my black ass went a brought a car cause Septa transportation, although never the safest, I saw it getting worse and this is more proof here.


    I used to take Septa but I don’t anymore either…it seems like this stuff only happens on the sub though…not the trolley or the EL…they seem pretty safe for the most part.

  • Oshie

    @ Black-Thought: David Banner and ODB had a baby. A big, hammer-swingin baby.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Does his beard have anything to do with the Muslim religion or is that just a Philly thing?

  • Re (It's Ramadan time and I'm light-headed)

    @ Encyclopedia Brown

    I’m muslim so I know what you’re talkin’ bout…but I do know alot of folks from DC that rock the same beard….I hope not.

  • spanishbutterfly

    First .. Elitist im sure no one wants to sit next to u either.

    B.c it happended in Philly doesnt mean this one particular event is how everyone in the city acts … u fukin dummy.

    Im not sure of the reason this man snapped but it clearly states he has mental issues, maybe something triggered him to react so violently. If u watch the video he is talkin to his son n even kisses him on the cheeck, the just turns around n beats on the guy .. its a shame regardless what city it happened in,

  • Vanilla1969

    I don’t think that was radom, it appears he was looking for dude. It was to much hatred in that beat down for it to have been random, that was personal.

  • useless info

    I’m sure the victim probably knows the lonatic that assaulted him. They must have had some beef. The goon needs to be locked up and taken off the streets for life. That 5 year old is going to need some counseling or he’ll grow up just like his good for nothing father.

  • Anon

    Heard a similar type of story out of a Detroit suburb yesterday… a man on a bus was attacked and nearly beaten to death simply for requesting that a young guy allow an elderly woman to have his seat. Dude said hell naw and began the beating. Stories like these have led me back to driving my car 25 miles to work. I’d rather pay $16-$20 per day (gas and parking) and be in one piece over paying $3.50 per day and possibly getting my ass kicked for nothing! And whatever happened to ‘help thy neighbor’… I noticed that no one stepped up to help the victim.

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