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The a** obsession has taken over the Universe. Nike has released a new ad campaign for their butt enhancing line of women’s sneakers, but will their ode to ample cakes have women moving backwards?

WTH?! A space heater? The letter “C”? These are just a few of the adjectives used by the Nike “My Butt Is Big” Nike ad campaign to describe voluptuous cakes. After reading this sh*t we don’t know why anyone would bother walking their big a**es off. Maybe they should preserve their cakes and use them for evil to make skinny women feel like they should be herded to hell by a Border Collie or pay more for the same cheap sh*t. That’s it! Henceforth, big butts will be used to banish all flattycakes from the nation for being unable to make men hail to the “embassador”!

Try again Nike. Women have rap videos to make them feel sh*tty about themselves.




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