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When are these teachers going to learn??? A Florida dean has resigned from his position after police discovered chats with as many as 17, mostly male, students from the high school, some of which involved sexual acts. SMH

A Lakeland High School teacher has resigned after police intercepted Facebook postings and other messages between him and a student that were “sexual in nature,” according to a news release.

Police said a student’s parents were alarmed over a Facebook posting their son 15-year-old son made to 27-year-old Lakeland High teacher Greg Madsen. The student wrote, “I love you too much” and Madsen replied, “I love u too buddy.”

Detectives said they gathered text messages and e-mails from the student’s cell phone and then, with a search warrant, seized two computers and a cell phone from Madsen’s home.

Lakeland police said they found Facebook chat messages on Madsen’s computer that were “sexual in nature that occurred with several minors that attended Lakeland High School.”

Madsen agreed to surrender his teaching certificate, according to police, and resigned from his position at Lakeland High in a pretrial intervention contract settlement.

Police said Madsen told them he did not take the “I love you” comment seriously. “He just wrote that off as things that kids say such as ‘I love you man,'” the release said.

Police said that after analyzing Madsen’s computer, they found that “several Lakeland High School students were identified in the chats.”

According to the news release, police said Madsen and a student discussed masturbation and other sex acts, as well as a female teacher’s body and their desire to have sex with her.

Other conversations between Madsen and students include discussions about alcohol and possible crime on the school’s campus, including guns and drugs. Authorities believe that Madsen sent inappropriate messages to as many as 17 students, mostly boys.

Under his agreement with the state attorney’s office, Madsen may not hold any position, as an employee or volunteer, that would involve children.

Madsen has not admitted to the accusations but has chosen to take a plea in lieu of a lengthy prosecution.

Police say they couldn’t find any evidence of actual inappropriate physical contact with the students but feared that’s what the chats were leading up to.

Even if he didn’t have bad intentions, this guy was identifying a little too much with the teenagers! He was only 27 but that’s no excuse — adults who work with kids have to be mindful about keeping boundaries intact. Bonding over wanting to bone the same teacher is not the kind of interaction a dean should be having with his students!




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