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Ousted official Shirley Sherrod wants the journalist who chopped and screwed her NAACP speech to pay up! Sherrod claims the conservative columnist knew exactly what he was doing.

Former Department of Agriculture employee Shirley Sherrod has been humiliated, fired, apologized to and offered a new position all in the past month thanks to Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart, a controversial conservative released an altered version of her speech about racism to the USDA that landed her in… and out of hot water. Now, Sherrod says everyone in the world has apologized except him and now it’s too little, too late.

Speaking Thursday at the National Association of Black Journalists convention, Sherrod said she would definitely sue over the video that took her remarks out of context. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has since offered Sherrod a new job in the department. She has not decided whether to accept.

Sherrod said she had not received an apology from Breitbart and no longer wanted one. “He had to know that he was targeting me,” she said.

Breitbart did not immediately respond to a call or e-mails seeking comment. He has said he posted the portion of the speech where she expresses reservations about helping the white farmer to prove that racism exists in the NAACP, which had just demanded that the tea party movement renounce any bigoted elements.

Sherrod said her faulty firing should not be blamed on all media.

Before the full video was released, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said Sherrod should be fired, and others called her speech racist. O’Reilly later apologized.

“They had a chance to get the facts out, and they weren’t interested,” Sherrod said.

She said she declined to give Fox an interview because she believed they were not interested in pursuing the truth. “They would have twisted it,” she said.

Get that guap Shirley. Journalists should be held accountable for verifying what they publish.




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