Shaunie O’Neal Out On The Scene With Her Young Tenderoni

- By Bossip Staff

Shaunie O’Neal is really enjoying the single life, especially with her young cub, Marlon Yates. These two were seen getting it in at Play Nightclub in Miami. Shaq may be out of Shaunie’s love life but he is definitely keeping her bank account afloat.


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  • webreader

    She has too many d@mn kids!

  • charliebrown

    First! Hotness!

  • B-nice

    Do your thing Shaunie but please stay away from Married men…….

  • trueloves

    I bet she bought that necklace

  • Uhh yeah ok

    eww He looka like a mouse.. *ms. Swan

  • Woozy

    lol he do kinda look like a mouse. But that necklace look like it came from a cereal box.

  • latrice.v.nicole

    do your thing girl get your young meat but he sure got his hands on that big booty lol

  • All the way live

    shes a skank who doesnt have presence or who does not stand out. Its obvious that she still wants shaq simply by the way she acted when her ex-friends sister started messing with him.

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  • rocsi renee

    I think she misses darren sharper so she had to get a look a like

  • dmo

    Please them chicken legs, jacked up hair do, and jacked up attitude; this old bitty is washed up.

  • Lisa

    Ummm, what’s up with all of the strike throughs?

  • lala

    I don’t care for her.She is a disgrace to women all over the world of every race, and the only reason she’s even around is because of who she was married to. But I’m pretty sure if she was married to some D-list athlete nobody would give a rat’s a.s.s about her. She needs to disappear along with everyone else on that stupid reality show she had out.

  • hmmm

    Why do people hate Shaunie so much? I thought everyone was on her side because Shaq was cheating?

    And whats up with the strike throughs?

  • Koko Clark

    Everyone on here talking smack about Shaunie or pathetic. They’re probably miserable, bitter women who are mad because they don’t have the heart and/or money to leave THEIR no good cheating man! Go ‘head Shaunie, show these women that you don’t have to stay with a man who disrespects you like that, just so the other woman can’t have him….please, if he was anything to be kept, he wouldn’t have cheated in the first place!

  • Whatev

    I know her from way back. She was always a gold-digger. Now look at her, posing like she famous, on twitter with thousands of diggers-in-training following her. Lol.

  • Ree

    Good for Shaunie!!!!! Stop the hate everyone. She’s moved on, you should too!

  • LetGo

    Bunch of dayum HATERS. She left a man that didn’t appreciate her holding the house down when he would be away or out cheating. She bounced back up & enjoying herself, that’s what all yal bitter hating @ss ppl would do (IF U CAN!!!)Lmfao!

  • LettinGo

    And so what is she was/ is a gold digger?!? Nobody wants a broke man that can’t buy anything for himself. But she was with him b4 he got that money..

  • sunflower

    Her body looks good especially after popping out them shaq size babies

  • cool beans

    i see cellulite.that age will do that.

  • LJ

    lol. if i had her money my hair would b on point every day.

  • MsGV

    Umm…she looks like his moms friend…ehh..he is cute.





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