Didn’t Know it Wasn’t Real! 10 Best Celeb Weaves

- By Bossip Staff

While walking down Madison Avenue in Manhattan we noticed a sad trend. There are a lot of women with lethal looking weaves! There’s nothing wrong with adding a little length to your head, but when not blended or the wrong shade or the wrong texture it’s liable to hurt a lot of feelings and possibly combs.

We dedicate this list to all the Madames attempting to fool the masses with a fabulous sew-in. The following women are the best examples of seamless weaves:

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  • MadameMaraj

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: having weave does NOT mean Black women hate themselves-it is a form of creativity and style i.e. wearing makeup or in the case of men wearing a wave cap, getting a texturizer, etc. I hope this topic doesn’t turn into a “only self-hating Black women wear weave” bash fest! Every race wears weaves, wigs, extensions, etc. at some points!

    Also, my brothas-please don’t criticize black women for wearing weave, calling them fake etc. becaue YOU all know that you m.a.s.t.urbate to a broad with long flowing hair every night! We are bombarded with images of the IDEAL, DESIRABLE and ATTRACTIVE woman who of course is not easily applicable to Black women as a whole…Don’t tell us we’re fake and undesirable for wearing a weave and then on the other never pay homage to bald or short haired women (except Halle)…

    phew…that’s all!

  • Get a Grip!!!

    White women sho nuff wear weaves too! big time



  • Jay the Real One

    In show biz you need take care of your hair.

  • carebear

    Just because white people do it doesnt mean we should. I personally wear weaves but it isnt because white women do it or some standard of beauty, because my hair happens to be natural, but because i got bored and change it up….now dont get me started on self hatred and perms

  • d

    If women want to wear a weave white or blk so be it. Some women wear it because it’s less stress on their original hair. I have a friend and I know she has a lot of hair, and she’s a weave wearer. She say’s it’s hilarious to hear other women talk about people that wear weaves, and if they only knew…

    Hey! Do what feels right for you as a person…Power of the weave.

  • Terrence

    Balck men masturbate to a beautiful woman..doesn’t matter how long her hair is. Matters whY she does…and how she turns u on. Don’t use sterotypes to justify your insecurities….

  • Love Me Dammit

    I see nothing wrong with wearing a weave, as long as it looks good! I have seen some pretty bad ones, that some chicks should have been told about, but as for the two pics I saw attached to this story they looked good, so who really cares?

  • Annette

    @Allie – it’s not only your computer, I think the website’s server is screwed up right now..
    ——————————–anywaysss I still don’t understand why people care so much about how a person rocks their hair..I personally just got the “BIG CHOP” a week ago because I was tired of relaxers but I’m not gonna sit here and bash anyone who put relaxers on their hair..my point is, do what makes you happy. If rocking an Afro makes you happy, then do it. If rocking a weave makes you happy and makes you feel good, then do it. But don’t disrespect someone because of how short or long their hair is…just saying.

  • SMH I don't get it.

    a lot of you are looking ignorant because if you actually took time to read the article on madame you would see there were plenty of white women in the count down. smh

  • loveyou1314

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  • Bella
  • PootyPoo

    There is no crime nor is it a sin to wear a weave-it’s just a fashion statement more or less. I will admit that I have worn weaves,ponytails for the fun of it. Weaves have helped some women to even grow their own hair to great lenghts. Not only black women wearing weaves as well as whites but let’s not forget the latinas too!

  • flygyrldev

    There is nothing wrong with weave but so many people’s weave looks awful. If u can’t get a top dollar weave then you need to find an alternative. However, I can’t help but wonder why so many women are weaved out especially in the black community. Why not invest in one’s own hair and help it grow long? It took me some time but with tender care, my hair grew down to the middle of my back. I believe all textures can grow healthy and long, natural or relaxed.

  • sasha

    is alicia keys name up there to..nah but its hollywood baby its part of the wardrobe. charge it.

  • Angee

    There is nothing wrong with a real good weave.

  • sweetz


    There are lots of women (do a search on longhaircareforum) who grow their hair out with weaves. I think the misconception with people is that if you wear a weave especially for a long period of time then your hair MUST be damaged and you MUST not be investing in the care of your hair. So not true. A weave, when done and maintained properly, is a protective style meaning it hides and protects your hair/ends from manual damage. My stylist (don’t want to say her name without her permission) did the “big chop” (cut off all of her relaxed hair, and left about 5 inches of natural hair), wore weaves in her hair for about 3 years straight, and now her hair is grazing mid-back length. Some of you ladies who go on LHCF probably know who I’m talking about lol.

    • BrownOcean

      Yup. I did the Big Chop in June 18 and I’m between my armpit ad bra strap under my weave of course.

  • AlexG

    “only self-hating Black women wear weave”

    THAT IS THE TRUTH! As a man I CANNOT stand weaves or wigs or black women with their hair starightened. I’m maybe the last REAL black man left



  • Asia

    @AlexG andd to everyother man…..I am a black woman yes I do wear weave love it and will die without it. I have white girlfriends and they ALL wear weave. It’s def not a self-hating issue because I LOVE BEING BLACK AND D A M N SURE WOULD NEVER WANT TO BE ANYTHING ELSE. We as woman wear weave, makeup, fake nails, eyelashes…..etc lol because it’s fun and feminine. If all men died today their would still be a line at the nail salon and hair store….BECAUSE IT IS NOT 100% ABOUT MEN OR WHATEVER YOU SAY IT IS A B I T C H THING POINT BLANK.

  • ManchesterUKer

    I tried a weave once but it was painful and difficult to take out, plus it damaged my hair quite a bit. I’d rather just have it curly or use straightening irons and have shoulder length hair (with easy clip in extensions if I feel like it/ can be bothered). Your hair underneath a weave will be ruined in the long run if you wear them all the time

  • Zone 4 Representatives

    Meeting a woman nowadays who DOESNT rock a weave is refreshing. It’s so rare it’s like seeing a leprechaun or a unicorn.

  • Educated Diva

    I’m a black female that wears weave every so often. I wear my “real” hair most of the time but most black ppl don’t believe it’s mines. I have to be able to wash my hair once a week & deep condition twice a week to keep my hair healthy. Just like now It have been 3 months sense I’ve had my last relaxer, instead of getting a relaxer I will be getting braids at the end of August & wear them for 3 more months. So all together I will have stretched for 6 months without a relaxer.

  • Inglewood Hustle

    @Asia 8/1/10, 12:10:PM

    Love your comment. I’m a weave expert, literally. I do them for a living. The majority of my clients have healthy, BEAUTIFUL hair underneath. I also have Caucasian, Hispanic and yes……even Asian clients. You would be surprised at how many Caucasian women have extremely damaged, then hair from weaving. One thing all my clients have in common is a love for beautiful thick hair……in EVERY texture and color know to man.

  • Inglewood Hustle

    *thin hair from weaving

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