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SMH. Foxy Brown sure is one classy broad:

Foxy Brown insists that claims she flashed her bottom at a neighbor are “total lies,” saying it couldn’t have happened because, contrary to what the neighbor told cops, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. The rapper was also reportedly involved in a fracas in the lobby of the apartment building of her manager, Bernadette Brennan, on Thursday night — but told us it was “just an argument between three women.” About the alleged July 21 mooning incident in Brooklyn, which ended in her arrest, Foxy tells us: “I couldn’t have mooned Arlene Raymond because I wasn’t wearing any underwear, in a Sharon Stone kind of ‘Basic Instinct’ way. She told the cops she’d seen my underwear — but what underwear?

“I had been to visit my mother and was waiting outside for my boyfriend to pick me up, and she called the cops from inside her house,” Brown said. “There was no fight. When the cops showed up I thought they wanted an autograph.”
About the Thursday clash at Brennan’s West 43rd Street building, Brown’s friend, Veronica Pereira, tells us she accused Brennan of carrying a fake Birkin bag.
Reports said it ended up in a fight and Foxy threw a BlackBerry. But Brown told us: “An argument started because my manager had booked us for two interviews but only gave us 20 minutes notice for hair and makeup. My manager was yelling and screaming at my friend. It was a heated exchange between three friends. I never hit anyone.”
A witness to the fracas told us: “Foxy [had] kept them waiting six hours. She came into the lobby cursing at the doorman, refused to accept responsibility for being late and blamed it on everyone else.”
Brown said: “My album ‘Black Roses’ is going to be about redemption and learning from past mistakes. I am tired of people baiting me, stalking me and provoking me . . . I have the biggest heart. I do so much good for the community. It really hurts.”
Her lawyer, Salvatore Strazzullo, said, “Foxy was not the aggressor, it was just a spat between a manager and a client.”




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