Some Morning Drizzle Drizzy

- By Bossip Staff

Aubrey “Drake” Graham graced the stage in his hometown Toronto for this weekend’s OVOFest — think of it like a special holiday dedicated to his Drizzyness himself. More shots from his performance Sunday when you continue:

For those who don’t already know, the OVO in OVOFest stands for October’s Very Own — Drake’s Toronto crew/entertainment company/family…

What do you think, is Drizzy hot enough to hit???


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  • Lady_Star

    Have a good day everyone!!

  • ewsf

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    I can always use a little morning Drizzy in my life, I think he is absolutely amazing, I know I’m alone in that thought, oh well to each his very own.

  • anewme

    @back me are not alone. I think Drake is truly talanted. I like him too!!

  • Miss Tahbee

    I agree. Drake rocks…. For now

  • FlyymeG0Peach

    My sister LIVES AND DIES for this guy…have to say he does look very tasty in these flix!

  • Keep it Real

    His voice sounds like shyt. He sounds like a white guy trying to sound like a black guy. He has no rhythmic rap flow and they are nursery school rhymes. Is anyone listening to the words coming out of his mouth. LMAO

    I once thought all blacks had some innate sense of sound and rhythm. I have long past put away such childish thoughts. One’s sense of sound and rhythm is for the most part a learned cultural tradition. A tradition that has been lost.

  • queni

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    BRAG about it 2 ur friends an FAM (:


  • Empress C

    I Love Drake…..I Think He’s So Handsome…..

  • timeiscoffee

    yo Mel Gibson! here’s another one!!!!!

  • It's Me

    Drake will be popping seeds in h.o.e.s soon. He has to pick up where wayne left off… That cat running through groupies like no body business.

  • Allenro

    im tired of this guy..he is way too exploited

  • N1GIRL

    OMG!! my day is complete!!i luv u drizzy

  • youngstyleon

    i’m a female rapper.. check me out on youtube.. just enter youngstyleon in the search engine!

  • Shaun

    Yes, he is soooo cute to me.

  • It's Me

    I went and it was AMAZING. Surprise preformances included JAY-Z, EMINEM, Rick Ross, Fabulous, Jeezy, K-OS, Kardinal Offishal, etc etc. It was an amazing night, I got some front row seats. He made his hometown proud!!!!

  • Zone 4 Representatives

    The way he disrespects guys who pay money to come to his concerts with their girls is a total violation. He would never talk that slick without that security team.

  • Tallulah

    Went to this show and it was good

  • Zookie

    He’s ugly as hell

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