How Precious: A. Keys And Swizzy’s Blissful Ceremony

- By Bossip Staff

Alicia Keys, Swizzy, and their little bundle of joy inside Li Li’s belly united as one big happy family this weekend and here are the pictures…

There was no yacht or over-the-top festivities – just family and close friends as Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz tied the knot in a private ceremony Saturday in a private home on the Mediterranean Sea.

The bride wore a Grecian-inspired Vera Wang dress and carried a bouquet of purple calla lilies. The groom was decked out in a Tom Ford tuxedo. The couple’s friend Dr. Deepak Chopra presided over the nuptials


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  • neenee

    1st! Congrats

  • chaka1

    Well…good for them and their baby…

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  • why

    hmm I wonder how long this will last since that got married real quick

  • soon to be mom

    1st and congrats!

  • chaka1

    His groom attire looks atrocious. Who picked that out?

  • J's World

    😦 I’m sad now

  • ewsf

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  • leslady

    I’m a believer in Karma so you know what I’m thinking.

  • rain

    was his other 2 baby’s there ,no ,swizzbeak doing it again,Doesn’t he realize that he been there and done this over and over.Now one marriage and 3 baby’s later he’s on to another marriage and a 4th baby SMh

  • HoneyT

    First! I think lol. Now Swizzy just needs to be faithful…good luck with that!

  • TastesMinty2010

    I thought she was going to be smart and wait to marry him so he could take care of his financial problems before they became hers too…tax problems, child support, etc. smh

  • Shadow

    Best wishes with all the challenges that you may encounter.

  • lattho

    she looks pretty. that’s it

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (CoCkY aS mY MaNDiNgO!!)

    A.Keys looked like a queen in that outfit – she’s so cla$$y and elegant.. Swizzy is a lucky bastard!!

    A.Keys’s happiness is Mashonda’s sadness – it just shows the world is based on the survival of the fittest – there is no time for the weak hearted…

    Love you A’Keys!!!

  • ImJustSayin


  • Nic

    Congratulations to Alica and Swiss Beatz. I wish them many,many years of Happiness. Alicia Looks beautiful as always!


  • ObamaFan

    You truly can’t be happy at causing another person misery….Her best music is yet to come… Singing about heartbreak makes the best music

  • FiveStar

    She looks fab! He looks like he got married in the 70s. He needs to gain like 45lbs to stop looking crackish. Ya’ll know he was smokin rocks w/DMX and robbing ppl back in the day.

  • phelaw

    I got two words for A. Keys>>>”DUMB BROAD”!!! Your rich and famous, “WHY WOULD YOU MARRY A BUSTER LIKE SWIZZ”???

  • Whatev

    They each look deceptive as ever and the kiss looks so fake. Look at her mouth. It’s all for show. They are not a real couple.

  • bluekid

    Let them live, congratulation, they are doing the right thing.

  • Whatev

    One might think he looks happy today, but remember that pic of he and Mashonda when she was big-bellied and he was kneeling to her. That was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, and look at ’em now.

  • nellz

    Good 4 them,I hope dis marriage last nd she looks so pretty

  • thatonegirl

    (In that voice from the guy on the twix commerical). Should she really be wearing white?

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