New Music: Faith Evans New Single “Gone Already” *BOSSIP Exclusive*

- By Bossip Staff

Faith Evans is back with a brand new album Something About Faith on October 5th and in anticipation of her new release we’re premiering her new single “Gone Already”. Check it out below


The song was produced by hot Philly production duo Carvin Haggins and Ivan Barias who’ve also worked with Musiq, Keyshia Cole and Jill Scott.

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  • veola


  • Princess Tiana

    Number One…It’s about time Faith!! Bring it!!

  • selina

    yay, been waiting for something new from her for a minute!

  • radiance

    SMASH….way to comeback Faith!

  • Montreal Ross

    The first lady is back!!

  • Team Fizzy

    Team Fizzy repping hard!! Fizzy is back and she’s not playing with yall.. More joints on the way!!

  • ??

    Glad to hear Faith back again. Amazing voice, I have all of her albums. She’s trully gifted.

  • ??


  • Oh yeah!

    she sounds great and looks stunning!!!

  • rb

    I love it, im so glad she is back shes one of my favorite singers of all time.

  • gossip_guru

    Its cool to see Faith back on the scene. I hope everything work out for this 90’s diva..

  • Ms. November

    I have loved her since Day 1. I will be BUYING this CD when it comes out. LOVE this song. So refreshing.

  • voice

    Now I really love Faith and think that she has one of the best voices in the game but this song is not doing much for me. It sounds very formulaic and like a bunch of other songs that are out. I usually really dig Carvin and Ivan’s work but the production here is just boring. I liked her last song with Snoop and hopefully there will be better songs than this one on the album, which I will most likely buy anyway.

  • Gata

    One of the better R&B voices of the 90s…I will definitely be buying this CD, just because!!!

  • Subterfuge

    I love Faith! Great song, looking forward to the album πŸ™‚

  • Jeff

    WOW!!!! THIS IS A SMASH! I’m amazed, so good! SO GLAD to have Faith back! This BETTER be a hit! Glad the album already has a release date regardless! Lets get some TRUE R&B back on the charts!!!!

  • mmm

    She needs to close her mouth! Otherwise, ok song.

  • mmm

    Dope song, actually. Her voice is still gorgeous!!!

  • lilbabiphat2004

    i love that faith is coming back!!! keep the faith is one of my favorite cds


    I’m sayin’. What’s up with the promo shot? Looks like she’s saying, “Whut dah f*ck you lookin’ at?”

    Did she sign off on this one? Looks like they just rushed it out.

  • Dev

    Love it!!!!!! Faith and Fantasia albums this year is too much. leave the pop to the kids and the grown music for the adults

  • bigbaby

    Great Song

  • miss UK

    tuuuuuuuuuuunnne! off the hook! love it ! the first lady is back

  • TW

    YES! Cant wait for the album to drop. Luv Faith!!!

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