New Black Kid On The Block YG Debuts New Video “Toot It & Boot It”… WTH???

- By Bossip Staff

Artist like Snoop, Dr. Dre and Eazy-E set the tone for the West Coast when it comes to music but now times are changing. The young kids are jerkin’, dougin’ and swaggin’ to this new jawn called “Toot It and Boot It”. Not so sure how we feel about kids chanting “Toot It and Boot It” at their high school graduation… SMH!!!

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  • .

    Yeah right . He’s legal but you cant help who listens to their music

  • .

    And it aint no worse than what they was saying back in the day . Hate to say it but thats what kid’s are doing these day . The world is coming to a end

  • YouKnow

    What a f****ng Dog.

  • lilbabiphat2004

    uhhhh this song is total garbage



  • sallyg

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  • http://deleted white male

    I freakin hate this song. They play it every other song on the radio here in LA. I hate it so much. Dang

  • bee

    HATERS. the west coast is back, i see people cant relate to music that doesnt relate to killings. but hate it or love he’s making money and youll be commenting and hating. gotta love it lmao LETS GO YG… compton

  • GetWitMeorGetFromMe

    I actually think its catchy and it doesnt offend me at all cuz this a*z*z aint neva been toot’d then boot’…if there are women who will entertain this kind of thinking from men y does everyone expect anything more? #jussayin

  • E$

    nice hook

  • Vain.

    I like the song. Its cathcy. Just something to listen to

  • Jessica

    This song is the shizzz

  • ??

    Cool song for the youngins. I see he even threw on his coogi sweater for vid. Trynna have that Cosby swag.

  • ewsf

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  • Le'Pepe

    Wow some more ignorant poison talking about women like their dogs. Whats new.

  • Allie


  • james

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  • Now Don't be Mad

    It’s not that I dislike the song because what he’s saying. It’s just that the song is plain stupid to me. I wanted to like it, I just couldn’t, it’s garbage. It doesn’t even flow together.

  • ron ron

    and everyone wonders why their son or daughter wants to make music and not go to school, or get a job! this song is wack and the industry should be ashamed of themselves for letting this crap on the radio. L.A. no wonder???

  • ron ron

    i just saw Ice Cube and Snoop here in KC, now thats MUSIC! And had the chance to meet and talk to cube! YG gets no play around these parts!! Pure Garbage.

  • ahahahahahaha

    This is simply terrible. There’s no point going into a detailed analysis of this track as it would be a complete waste of time.

    It’s not as if talented artists, producers and musicians left planet earth, they are just forced to go up against this shitty music that, for god knows what reason, gets heavy rotation. The only rotation this mess deserves is when the CD flies through the air into the garbage bin.

  • sholla21

    He’s in Souljiaboy’s (sp?) league.
    A catchy beat and a whole lot of nonsense. SMH.

  • Pleezzz


  • Live in L.A.

    I live in l.A.and 105.9 plays this songs constantly. It is the WORST song I have ever heard. Absolutely HORRIBLE!!

  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    what is up with all these undergrown men? are tall and strong men going extinct and these femenina’s are multiplying?

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