Trey Songz Tried To Duplicate But Couldn’t Imitate R. Kelly’s Version Of New Jawn “Already Taken” For New Movie “Step Up 3D”… SMH!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Trey Songz’ new jawn “Already Taken” was released as a single to promote the new movie “Step Up 3D”. This jawn definitely makes you bob your head and sway to the beat but unfortunately Trey Songz has imitated R. Kelly’s voice from beginning to end. Exaclty how did Trey find it fit to talk ca$h money sh*zz about R. Kelly and he doesn’t even own his own voice… It’s duplicated and closely imitated but not the Kels.

Take a Listen:
R. Kelly – “Already Taken”:

Trey Songz – “Already Taken”:

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  • Natasha

    I like Trey Version

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  • fiascofan

    i think kells stole from trey cuz not once have i ever heard of r kelly’s version and neither r complaining so i dpnt think its much of an issue

  • hmm

    Why is there two versions? Im confused.

  • Dee

    ppl please use your heads
    R. Kelly DID in fact record the demo and refused it so Polow the don have it to Trey for the step up soundtrack…Trey or polow clearly changed the words. He sung it the way it was givin to him…Trey not worried about some song that’s not even gonna be on his album so why would he TOTALLY change the song especially if polow wanted the way it is…they both are not just alike anyway

  • KayKay

    Either way this song isn’t that great and neither one of them sang it that well.. So who cares… Trey sounds like Kelz the way Kelz sounds like Aaron Hall.. When you grow up listening to and practicing with someone’s music you tend to emulate or pick up their styles.. So what…. That doesn’t mean either sings better than the other.. just means their both talented..

    • Danja Mowf

      And Aaron Hall got his style from Charlie Wilson (Gap Band) Charlie, Last Name Wilson… It goes on and on.

  • brooklyn

    i wonder who trey songs sees when he looks in the mirror cause its evident he doesnt see trey not original how long does he thinks this rkelly jacking will last be yourself dude

  • For Real

    I love R Kelly and we all know he is the man, however in this case, lets give credit to Trey, he was damn good on this track,think he did a better jib than Kelz



  • tweety140

    I think Trey sounds better in my opinion

  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    I THINK…TREY NEEDS TO FIND HIS OWN VOICE AND STYLE. AND STOP BUILDING HIS CAREER OFF OF SOMEONE ELSES SWAGG….PEOPLE In HEll will get and ice machine before Trey Songz reaches R.Kellys level…pssh home boy not even on Ushers level…smh

  • sample

    I think Trey sounds better ,

  • joleia

    Often duplicated but never imitated!!! R. Kelly is a musical genius!!!

  • Waddie G.

    Although Trey’s version sounds better, it’s still an #ultimatefail on his part. A TRUE artist will still incorporate himself into a pre-recorded track.

  • Vin La Din

    Kels is the man,Period!

  • G-Lo

    Forget the comparisons.

    Does the world really need a Step It Up 3?….in 3D?

  • whatever fake songz

    duh Trey Songz is such a fake azz loser.

    he DARES to come for R.Kellz with his bi-tchazz.

    i havent heard him coming with stuff like gotham city, i believe i can fly, the worlds greatest, and damn, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    trey songz, your just a nickel, rkelly is a gazillion dollars, rkelly has changed lives, all youve changed are drawrs. try again.

    rolss eyes

  • brooklyn

    i so agree with waddie g



  • Somuchprettierthanu

    Wheres my comment?

    Golly I hate this new format!

  • Juliemango

    They are equally whipped!!!

  • essmas

    trey never had a problem w r. kelly. thas one of his biggest music influences. he jus didnt like that r kelly was over there messin w autotune. everybody took that song wrong.

  • You Smell Me??

    I LOVE how women can jump on Nicki for her copycat style yet Trey is safe…haha

  • Propaganda W/H/O/R/E

    Why create a beef? Trey gave Kelz props. Remeber it took Kelz decades to get his status. He was in a group then solo a while b4 he became a legend. Singers get demos. If the producer wants it sang a certain way thats what they do. Trey has a better voice, Kelz has a better catalogue. They both have more money than us. We’re on a blog talking about them… no vice versa.

  • brooklyn

    this dude trey kelly didnt even change anything whats up with that i thought the point of being an artist was to give your interpetation of something if he doesnt give the world a little bit of trey soon he is gonna fade away

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