Jesus Take The Wheel: Six Children Drown In Shreveport River

- By Bossip Staff

Six children ages 13 – 18 drowned while walking along the Red River in Shreveport, Louisiana. All of the children were accompanied by adults… who couldn’t swim.

Six teens drowned late Monday after disappearing into a sinkhole on the Red River, leading to a tragedy that Shreveport Fire Chief Brian Crawford called the worst he’s ever seen.

Family members told authorities the victims, between the ages of 13 and 18 from three families, didn’t know how to swim and were wading in shallow water. They had been in the lake for about 10 minutes near the sandbar at the Charles and Marie Hamel Memorial Park.

They had one life vest.

“One child ventured off into an area that he was unfamiliar with, and some of the other children had gone off with him,” Crawford said. “They went into the vicinity of an 18-foot sinkhole. … And once one started toppling into that sinkhole grabbing a hold of another, trying to save another, eventually seven were pulled into the hole.”

A bystander jumped into the water and rescued a 15-year-old, but the other six went under and never resurfaced. The sixth body was recovered nearly three hours later, in water that authorities said was between 18-feet and 25-feet deep.

“Unfortunately, I’m afraid, and it’s with a heavy heart, to report that we have pulled so far (six) bodies from the river. … I can honestly say that in my 26 years of service I’ve never seen anything of this magnitude. And I hope I never see it again.

“It’s truly catastrophic and I can only imagine the effect it has on the families.”

The teen who was rescued was treated on the scene.

Emergency crews on both sides of the river responded to reports of a single person drowning just before 6:30 p.m., just south of the area. It took fire officials about 10 minutes to locate the area, and that’s when they learned there were multiple victims.

Dive teams from Shreveport and Bossier fire departments, as well as members of the Caddo Parish sheriff’s office, searched the water about an hour before recovering the first body. By 10:30 p.m., all the bodies were recovered.

Marilyn Robinson, a friend of the families, watched helplessly as the victims, five males and one female, went under. She said a large group of family and friends, including roughly 20 children, were out at the sandbar to barbecue, swim and have a good time.

They frequent the area and were familiar with the water, Robinson said.

“None of us could swim,” the 38-year-old said. “They were yelling ‘help me, help me. Somebody please help me.’ It was nothing I could do but watch them drown one by one.”

Louise Edwards also was among those who witnessed the teens go under the water.

“It was hard watching them and not being able to help,” she said as tears rolled down her face. “Some people tried to jump in, but they were already gone. It’s like a nightmare. Lord please help us, please.”

The area where the teens drowned is not a public beach, and trenches had actually been dug to make it more difficult for people to enter the water, Glover said.

“The river’s condition today, it has a little bit of current,” said Donna Jackson with Caddo sheriff’s marine unit. “It’s like any other waterway or lake. If you don’t know what’s out there, the dangers like the drop off the jetty, this sort of thing can happen. We’ve been very fortunate in the last few years; everything has gone well. Unfortunately, this happened today. ”

It took 10 minutes to locate them?! That’s a long time to wait. How many tragedies have to happen for us how to realize how important it is to learn how to swim? Get lessons.. it could save your life, or the life of someone you love. Real Talk.


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  • HeySoulSista

    This is so damn disturbing but black people NEED to learn how to swim. You have damn near 20 people around an not 1 good swimmer? Come on now…you can teach your 3 year old how to do the latest dance moves but not swim…a f*cking shame!

  • I Am Legend (Im Allergic To Darkies)

    so sad

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  • 1word


  • this world is over

    RIP to God’s six children who died in this horrible accident. May God use this tragedy as a learning experience for those who hear of this horrible news.

  • siyt

    i dont think they couldnt help. i think they just didnt think on their toes and save at least one kid. aside from the lifesaver surviver. and its ashame it toke 10 mins to get there.

  • siyt

    RIP children.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    ^^agree with all above




    This is so very, very, very sad, my thoughts and prayers is with this family.

  • OH NO!!! 0:)

    This is truly a tragedy. So sad. I agree with most of the comments. Especially the one about learning how to dance, but not learning how to swim. Come on People, when are we going to put common sense before ignorance,laziness and excuses. Teach your children what is important. Its like living in the projects and driving a Cadillac mentality.

  • JAi

    This is just sad… no snide comments plz. R.I.P babies

  • afrodite

    even for someone who can swim, it’s dangerous to try to recue a person who is drowning without knowing the right way to go about it. what a tragedy

  • danbritt

    I agree we all need to teach our kids how to swim. But sinkholes are treacherous. Sometimes even the best swimmers will drown because of it.


    May they RIP…I agree we should teach our children to swim…My daughter just learned how to swim this summer.

  • Glok....The Most BEAUTIFULEST Thing in the World !!



    can’t stop the tears this time…..R.I.P. THIS IS SO SAD!!

  • SoulSista

    This is so sad. r.i.p. Its hard to get out of a sinkhole, even for the best of swimmers but this emphasizes the importances of learning how to swim, or atleast keep yourself afloat.

  • bluekid

    Glok….The Most BEAUTIFULEST Thing in the World !! 8/3/10, 09:41:AM

    Thanks Glok, I needed that! “hugs”

  • rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 β„’

    RIP to the kids!!

  • Empress C

    this is so sad…..much love and respect going out to the family of the six
    victims…..this is so sad!

  • Mike

    Really?… Don’t blame the first responders. There are difficulties getting to areas where people SHOULD NOT BE. The family is to blame. Lack of preparation, and lack of action. Lack of supervision. No lack of remorse now.

  • 2ootie

    this is the saddest thing i have ever known to happen in shreveport in my 25 years of living. what is even sadder is you people are on here not showing the families any respect. no reason to make the families feel like it is their fault because no one could swim because even a good swimmer has a slim chance in surviving in a suction hole. i give all my love, respect, blessings and prayers to those families during their lose. R.I.P. CHILDREN ON A DAY THAT WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. 02 AUG 2010

  • Whitney

    Everyone needs to stop judging these people and pray for them because they will have to live everyday with the guilt of not being able to save those kids. All people (no matter what color you are) should learn to swim it is a life skill that you need for survival. R.I.P

  • Caramel Catβ„’


    Lol, my father swam like a fish and taught me how to swim at a young age…it is a very important thing to know how to do, and it can save your life…

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