In White Folks News: Katy Perry Is Buying Her Boyfriend a $200k Trip To Space?!

- By Bossip Staff

Build a school? Nope. Rebuild Haiti? Uh uh. Fly to nowhere? Absolutely! Katy Perry is blowing $200K to send her boyfriend Russell Brand into space on the World’s first commercial space ship. Hopefully he’ll stay there.

Katy Perry bought the British comedian a $200,000 ticket on the maiden voyage of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space venture for his 35th birthday, E! Online reported.

“It is true,” a rep for Virgin Galactic told E! News. “We are very excited to have him on board.”

After two to three days of intense astronaut training, Perry’s fiancé will reportedly travel more than 365,000 feet into the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed three times faster than the speed of sound.

“There will be 17-inch-diameter windows to look out onto,” a space agent for Virgin Galactic told E! “Passengers will be able to view Earth around 800 miles in any direction from space.”

While in space, Brand will float weightlessly for five minutes before returning to Earth.

Although Perry isn’t planning to join Brand on the trip, she’ll reportedly greet her hubby-to-be upon his return at Virgin Galactic’s New Mexico spaceport.

Perry, 25, won’t be the only one giving the funnyman a warm welcome, though.

“They will pop champagne, give you astronaut wings and give you a party,” the Virgin rep said.

We hope this sh*t don’t become the hot new “thing to do.” Then we’ll have to hear about rappers poppin bub in the space hub. No thanks.


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  • HeySoulSista

    Well its HER money so she can do whatever she wants but that 200k could feed a whole lot of children.

  • I Am Legend (Im Allergic To Darkies)

    Crazy white folks

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  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    have to admit, white folk are creative lol…sounds interesting

  • Quana

    I wouldn’t be spending all that money on a guy I’m not married to WTF?! what is he buying her? What if they break up? That money really could feed alot of children.

  • Ur mama

    Black folks news diddy didn’t built a school but did buy his son A expensive car.

  • OH NO!!! 0:)

    When you have money, you can do whatever you want to do

  • bluekid

    We will see what the rich can buy come ! LOL


    I think it’s not a waste compare to a 200k or 300k or more spend on limo lambo planes…… If we blame her for that what the hell we got to say about million dollars rappers ‘s bling bling?

  • MrTavMarie

    you won’t be seeing any black folk going into space, at least not by choice.


    I’m waiting until the vehicles have orbital capacity before I drop money on it.Straight up -and back down ‘aint much bang for the buck.At least give me one orbit.


    @MrTavMarie 8/3/10, 10:42:AM

    you won’t be seeing any black folk going into space, at least not by choice.

    Please think bigger than this.(pathetic)

  • tommykimon

    It’s her money. She can do anything she wants with it. Even if it is stupid.

  • tommykimon

    @MRTavMarie, I would it looks like it would be cool.

  • Empress

    she can do whatever the hell she wanna do, its her money. she has millions n millions of dollars. ever thought that maybe, just maybe, she did give money to charities on one hand, but on the other hand, she also wants to spend on the folks she love, even tho it costs her 200K WHICH SHE HAS? yall short money folks dont get it. when you have the long money, 200K to make someone u love happy is prolly nothing. and to all yall talkin bout givin money to the poor etc., how much did u give? hmm? kthxbye

  • HOtsy TOTsy

    and off to the future it is !

  • Rae Rae

    I would love to experience space!!! (and yes, I am black). The money is worth it, you are paying for the EXPERIENCE of a lifetime.

  • Seriously

    This would be sooooooooo cool!!!! Imagine how much of a spirital experience that would be to see God’s creation from a birds-eye view… That would just be breath-taking. I think I need to start saving some scratch!

  • Seriously

    Oh yea, and I’m black too! (Sowwy lol)

  • Allie

    lol i mean it is katy perry and russell brand, they are a little out there but love them as a couple nonetheless, a trip to space would be interesting but don’t kill me if i don’t join you

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