Serena Williams Puts Farmers Classic On Blast Via Twitter, Says She’ll “Send Them The Bill”

- By Bossip Staff

When will the tennis industry finally stop hating on Serena Williams? She was forced to put the Farmers Classic Tournament organizers on blast after they charged her to attend a tennis match, despite her promoting their upcoming events.

Serena Williams’ foot injury has temporarily sidelined the 13-time Grand Slam champion, keeping her from playing in three tournaments in the U.S. Open Series, but it did not prevent her from making headlines on Saturday via her Twitter account.

Williams, the top-ranked female player on tour, went on Twitter to complain about the Farmers Classic tournament in Los Angeles. She claimed they would not give her free tickets to see Saturday’s semifinal men’s matchups.

Serena was miffed because she made an appearance earlier in the week at the tournament to take pictures with James Blake.

In a flurry of Twitter updates on Saturday, Serena posted:

Share “@farmersclassic = use @serenajwilliams than over charge her to see tennis! Lol. I would have paid been happy to $1000 If I did not plug them”

“@farmersclassic = use @serenajwilliams than over charge her to see tennis! Lol. Anywho don’t go if u r in LA”

“Omg! The @farmersclassic tennis tournament in LA is charging me $100 a ticket… After I plugged them!!! Lol ill send a bill for my plug!”

Serena then posted, “What to do? Maybe x games?? Who’s going?? Maybe ill see u??”

The X Games it was for the top-ranked Wimbledon champion. She later posted pictures of herself at the X Games on her Twitter account.

It’s sad when one of the best tennis players in the world can’t get comped for a measley $100 seat at a tennis match, especially when she promoted the sh*t. That’s like charging Michael Jordan to wear his own sneakers. Tragic.


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  • Penny


  • Tittayballs

    Its sad. It just goes to show you that they are angry we took over their sport, so they will try to ‘get back’ any kind of way. These tennis tournaments have been screwing over the Williams sisters for years; from bad calls, to rude fans, and changing up rules against them (clothing/hairstyles/etc.)

  • OH NO!!! 0:)

    SMH! It’s all about politics. really! Theres so much involved. Bottom line? She’s outspoken, She’s black, and lets be honest, she doesnt fit what the tennis industry is most comfortable with!

  • Human Racist

    its sad that people only write in shorthand now… reading that gives me a headache!

  • Jay the Real One

    she got the money just pay already people can’t eat comp geez

  • Yes Indeed

    they should have let her in for free, but it’s funny how she’s crying over chump change when she’ll spend way more than that on the basics

  • beastlifeapparel

    She can foot the bill. Keep it moving Serena

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  • dm

    she prolly spends that much on hair weave

  • Broham

    principle people how about they wouldn’t charge a white tennis star. They hate because black jocks are better at anything than whites face it people.

  • glen59

    It’s not like she couldn’t afford to pay for her ticket. It kills me when the celebrities get po’d when they don’t get anything free, when they are the ones making big bank! Ic how they do it…they don’t pay for sh*

  • Dcgal

    Screw tgem folks. She shouldnt have to pay. No worries, in a month or so, she’ll shoepw them heifers who is the boss. jealous beckies.

  • Ms. Eva

    I am a strong supporter of the Williams sisters. And she will over come this like she has other situations. All this is about is pure hate and jealousy

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