SMH: 75 Million Americans Are Considered To Be Obese

- By Bossip Staff

Not everyone in the world needs to be skinny but everyone in the world needs to be as healthy or at least strive for it. CDC is reporting that 30% of Americans in nine states are obese. An estimated $150 billion is spent each year on obesity health related problems such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

The U.S. is losing the battle of the bulge.

No state in the nation met this year’s targets for reducing obesity, and the number of states reporting an obesity rate of 30 percent or more has tripled, to nine, since 2007, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report today. About 75 million Americans now are considered obese, the Atlanta-based CDC said.

Being fat is costing Americans as much as $150 billion a year from related health problems such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer, with obese people carrying yearly medical expenses almost $1,500 more than people of normal weight, the CDC said in the report. The Obama administration and public- health officials have expressed concern that people eat too much, don’t eat enough of the right foods, and get too little physical activity.

“This is a call to action for the nation,” Heidi Blanck, the CDC’s branch chief for obesity prevention and control, said in an interview. “It took over a decade for smoking prevention efforts to take effect. We’re still in our infancy on diet and exercise.”

The nine states with obesity rates over 30% are as follows: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and West Virginia.


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  • It's Me

    I know exactly what they are talking about. It bothers me to see over weight people, and more so over weight kids. Fat Folks stay away from the table and start running.

  • LOLA

    Wow not only are Americans getting dumber but they gettin fatter too hmmmm interesting

  • Understanding

    I am fully shooting for a change in the mentalities of people and for people to make better decisions concerning food and health overall. But this change won’t happen overnight.. Imagine, being overweight and constantly being picked on by your community, schools and now the media. Healthy change starts with a good mental change.. I think we are all just tearing ppl down to either just starve or eat more out of depression..

    Just a thought… but sometimes I just wonder…

  • msbliss

    I live in mississippi & YES its a big probably esp among our black & native american pop. I believe its because of our culture & technology. No one feels the need 2 move much.

  • tg

    And the 25% of skinny people or NOT Obese are the people on TV. LMAO

  • tg

    Let me correct my sentence.
    And the 25% of people WHO ARE not obese are on TV.

  • getit2gether

    –>Well, as for the youth being overweight especially in minorities, its due to the fact that you can no longer let children outside to play. Parks are being neglected due to budget cuts, lack of funds, crime, gang activity etc…

    –>Neighborhoods aren’t safe anymore, due to higher rates of crime, drug and gang activity, kidnapping, among other unsafe things. So, children are kept indoors where they are safe and where parents can supervise them.

    –>Unfortunately, indoors means being entertained by a tv or computer & access to high calorie and high fat foods.

    —>As for the adults, most adults have a full-time job and a family to raise so that having time to work out and providing healthy meals isn’t really a quick and easy option. Instead, quick and fast means fried, fast food, or highly processed food is giving to the children and to themselves, which is the problem.

    —>School lunches are also a contribution to the youth because of budget cuts & lack of funds, they can only provide what they can afford. Which isn’t as healthy as it should be.

  • Ok and !!!!! Now What

    : )

  • getit2gether


    —>I do not live in those areas but I am very fortunate that my parents live in area where my brothers and sisters have a safe environment to play and be active in.

    —> I myself just graduated college and I moved to a new city but I invested in treadmill & I workout everyday (it was around $900) but it was worth it and I have a 5 year warranty on it.

    —>My family have always practiced living a healthy lifestyle and as someone stated above, it is a lifestyle and it takes time to change.

    —>Mz.Fitt I think that you misunderstood my post, I am simply providing facts (not excuses) about why obesity levels are extremely high, especially in minority areas. (I have a degree in Human Development and my concentration is Youth & Adolescents). Those facts are what is preventing a healthy lifestyle and I was just trying to show that most of these factors were out of the parent’s control.

    –>Mz.Fitt, you have provided great alternatives to the problem & I do hope that others will take your example and provide other possible solutions. Together we can defeat the odds and help decreases obesity rates and hopefully provide for a better, brighter and healthier future.

  • She said it.

    @ Sage

    I think a lot of this sloppy fat fashion is inspired by the politically correct climate we are in. When I was in elementary, you only had 2 fat kids in school but they still played kickball and were active. Today..these fat slobs are told they are thick just not to hurt their feelings. Now I also consider that we are eating food w/way more chemicals than b4, so I’m not going to bash fat people cause you really don’t know the source nowdays. Could be food, could be inactivity, could be anything.

  • Kimmie

    Ms. Fitt, I agree with you and I like you am a stickler on this matter. I am constantly pushing my mind set on people but everyone is not like you and I. Getit2gether, I agree with you 100%. We do need to do better and we just have to slowly help people get to where they need to be.

  • She said it.

    @ Vette..


    Keep it up….and know that they make unhealthy food addictive. So know that you are trying to kick a habit just as a crack head is trying to stop smoking rocks. I strongly suggest you join a support group because it is not easy. I just had a baby and gained 60 lbs and for the first time in life had to loose weight. IT IS NOT EASY…. know that food is addictive.And if you fall off the wagon…GET BACK ON IT.


  • Curious1 aka Pretty Girl Swag

    It HAS to be done….just does..It cost less money and time than having to buy expensive medicine and/or make all these MD appts…to get medicine to “live”…

    Buy some sneakers and at least walk…24 hrs in a day..and people can’t find 1 hr to…???

    I do 100000% understand that in predom Black areas there ARE no FRESH REAL FOOD stores…and/or they COST a Grip…Why Black Folks need to learn to garden and grow healthy veggies themselves..I’m vegetarian..and trust me..IT can be done..

    YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT…A COW..A PIG.. all that ish…what these animals eat gets hormonally in your system…esp thsoe Growth Hormones they inject cows/ gets in milk…beef meats..etc…
    Garden more..Eat more veggies, and Move Ya Body daily…
    Just my Humble Vegetarian Eating but Frustrated


  • kiapooh

    Losing weight is not easy!!! It is most def a lifestyle change…sometimes you loose weight, then you hit a platue and start your old habits back. You don’t have a support system. I don’t beleive ppl want to be fat, it is a adjustment and everyone has to work through it on their own…being critical dosen’t help, being supportive does!!

  • Keep it Real

    Yoga and Pilates ladies. And you won’t mess up your hair. I see fat women who have been working out on the tread mill and weights for years and haven’t lost a pound. Black women seem to respond (lose weight) to Yoga and Pilates. I have no idea why it works better for them but it does.

  • vette

    @She said it.
    Thanks for the encouragement. My baby is 17 and I still have the fat. But I want to live to see my children have children. So that is what inspires me and if I fall I will get back up again. Thanks

  • Jordin

    I have a fast metabolism yayyyyy me, but skinny doesnt necessarily = healthy, so i make sure i eat right too. But its just awesome to never have to work out alot, especially with these greasy food in this country.

  • loss

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  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    Damn…that is a lot of people!

  • She said it.


  • She said it.


    r u the one that had those Rodarte gold shoes???

  • Soul Touch

    It is quite sad that America is getting fatter and fatter. Every time I cross the border I am at awe at the obesity crisis. But who can blame them, when I eat at a restaurant down there the portion sizes are enough to feed my whole family.

  • Mabel

    I am not American, but whenever I am there I find portion sizes in restaurants to be outrageous. The average entree can easily feed 3 ppl. I also noticed that junk food was cheaper than fruits and veggies in some areas. Another observation was that ppl rarely cooked their own food; most ppl seemed to be eating out, ordering in or eating processed food. Everybody drives everywhere, no matter how close they are to where they are going they have to drive there. I found many of these things odd.

  • She said it.

    @ Mabel…

    Yeah, I just realized that food is a commodity to be sold just like cotton is for clothes. I did not realized that food is shoved down our throats until I became a stay @ home mom. Every commercial damn near is food, food, and more food followed buy a weight loss commercial. Ameerica is a great place to live but you have learn how to live heare. If not you will become a overindulgent victim.

  • lt

    it’s a combination of some people just being lazy and making poor food choices and other people who are eating what they can afford and usually what you can afford are processed foods high in sugar, fat and salt.

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