Your Taxes At Work: War Dog Diagnosed With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

- By Bossip Staff

It’s bad enough that our veterans have been at war for 9 years, only to come home without affordable healthcare. Now, even dogs get better treatment than they do!

News sources are reporting about a dog named Gina who has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after coming home from the war in Iraq.

Gina, a highly-trained, bomb-sniffing German Shepherd is being treated for the disorder after she came home from Iraq and refused to enter rooms.

Once she went inside, the terrified dog would tuck her tail between her legs and crouch to the floor. She’d then hide under furniture to avoid humans.

Gina used to be a people-friendly canine. But at 2-years-old, she was sent to Iraq to search homes. She would frequently observe loud explosions. She was once in a convoy when another vehicle got bombed.

When Gina came back to Colorado after a six-month stint abroad, a military vet diagnosed Gina with PTSD, which animal experts say can affect dogs just like humans.

“She was terrified of everybody and it was obviously a condition that led her down that road,” said Master Sgt. Eric Haynes, the kennel master at Peterson Air Force Base.

According to Nicholas Dodman, head of the animal behavior program at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary medicine, dogs can undergo a similar PTSD as humans.

He said many vets don’t like to diagnose the condition to animals because they feel it degrades military personnel.

It’s been a year, and Gina has been doing recovering after therapy and gradually reintroducing her to life in the military.

Haynes added that while he’s worked with many dogs affected by war, Gina has been the worst. He hopes she’ll recover, but isn’t sure that she will.

“Anytime someone has that much fear about anything, then obviously it will be hard just to get it fixed,” he said.

First of all, WTF is going on over there?! They killing so many people, even the d*mn dogs can’t handle it? And second of all, who told them our tax dollars could be spent on a whole YEAR of animal therapy. We got borders to protect and people to educate and they worried about how a dog is expressing himself! GTFOH… and your little dog too!


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  • geebz

    gtfoh with that ish! my tax money can’t even be used to get ME medical and it’s going to a DOG?!? I demand compensation, I demand a re-do!

  • cougaralove

    love it

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  • DaJournalist

    Man. F*ck that. They could have placed that dog in a foster home with a quiet bish for a year for free! They coulda had a depressed dog drive.. They should NOT be able to use taxes indiscriminately to give a f*ckin dog therapy.

    I got some therapy for ya. MIKE VICK. Muthaf*ckas.

  • henni

    lol i agree, whoever wrote this article did a good job, keep them on the payroll. and our money rarely goes to what we want it to so idk how to change that

  • ash

    ok while you guys are complaining about this realize that this dog is trained to save lives over in the dessert and it costs a hell of alot to train these dogs so just putting it down and grabing a new dog isnt that easy

    yes the soldiers need better health care but as a member of the military id rather have these highly trained dogs sniffing for bombs before i go in a building or a truck with foreign nationals rolls onto base to do maintenance but instead has a bomb strapped to it

  • looking for a bossip baby

    I co-sign with ash^^^^ I’m Air Force and I know how it goes.

  • crystal

    If they don’t Mike Vick that dog.

  • bouyant

    poor doggie! hope he gets better.

  • purple love

    Personally I’d rather they spent my tax money on the dog because the soldiers made that choice to join the army the poor animals have no say

  • K-9

    First off all of you need to shut your mouth. I am a K-9 handler an i personally know that dog . And if any of you had a clue of what happens over there an how theses dogs save hundreds of soilders eveyday . you would be praising the ground they walk on . For you simple minded ignorant fools , those dogs find bombs that are ment to kill us troops . Untill you know what you are talking about . SHUT UP


    Thank you K-9. I highly respect what the military and thier dogs do. It’s easy to criticize but unless you have been there and done that, you will NEVER know. I have a dog and I would be crushed if he went through what Gina has gone through and is going through. Hope she gets better.

  • Hold That Thought!!

    Give me a break! Are you serious?? The military has that much money that they can spend it on Dogs with Post traumatic stress disorder? PEOPLE BEFORE ANIMALS. Replace gina. Thats all!


    animal deserve help too but humans should have priority.

  • @bossip

    You forgot to mention it costs $100 per bag of laundry in the military (paid to haliburton) and soldiers aren’t allowed to wash their own clothes even if they choose to do. And don’t forget the Navigators and Escalades that were leased for Haliburton employees. By leasing for 4 years instead of buying they paid 4 times the amount they should have paid. Now this bs with a dog.

  • sweetz


    I agree, how many of you would be willing to take this dogs job. I really hope the dog gets better. This dog has probably works harder than some of you complaining.

    Moving on. I hate when people say “my tax dollars this” and “my tax dollars that”….as if you, individually, are paying for the entire treatment of this dog. In the specific case of this dog, realisticly speaking, you INDIVIDUALLY are probably contributing pennies. So stop making it seem like hundreds of your dollars are going to this dog. Some of you are too selfish and ignorant to realize that “tax dollars” go towards some of the silly things that YOU enjoy, but don’t really need nor deserve.

  • Wendy

    Do you not realize how many lives this dog helps to save? As a Marine wife, I’m glad we have these animals there to help detect danger for our men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t blame the dog or the military for trying to help this dog recover – blame our government for lack of proper health care for our injured soldier!


    this is an ‘on the fence’ issue 4 me b/c i mos def’ agree that the soilders need all the medical care/benefits they deserve and it seems like this dog is gettin’ the better portion, but in the same breath (and the risk of contrdicting myself), the dog was doin’ the same damn thing (minus totein’ a gun around) so can ne1 REALLY be upset if they need 2 facilitate Gina so she can @ least be semi whole!!?? THE GOVERNMENT R THE ONE’S WITH THEIR ISH BACKWARDS, SO UNTIL THEY GET STR8 EXPECT 2 ‘UPSET’ OR UNEASY ABOUT MANY THINGS!!

  • ayo

    lol. LMAO. A dog with war stress ? lol lol lol

  • Hot Grits On Yo Azz

    Yo animal rights activists.. .the fight started when the dogs got sent to war without their consent in the first place..
    DUMMIES. They ain’t ASK to go. They weren’t INTERVIEWED and accepted. They were flown against their will. Go fight for that.

    It was people before animals when you sent em in those places to get blown to pieces..

    Yall a day late and a dolla short

  • Ain't that some shit

    It’s funny how that spend money. I’m a Vet discharged with 90% disability, in Sep 2007 and still waiting on my pay but they take care of the dogs….just like our government. I bet the dog didn’t have to file a Congressional to get his shit.

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    […] War Dog Diagnosed With Post Traumatic Stress It’s bad enough that our veterans have been at war for 9 years, only to come home without affordable healthcare. Now, even dogs get better treatment than they do! News sources are reporting about a dog named Gina who has been diagnosed. […]

  • taxes

    crazy stuff man, I really hate how so many different soldiers who provide services to us get PTSD. I really hope that they are getting the treatment that they deserve and will be able to hopefully live a normal life.

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