Woman Rams Stiletto Into Boyfriend’s Brain

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These ho*s ain’t playing when they say they have a MEAN shoe fetish. First, some crazy ho* attacks a cab driver with her shoe, now this. A British woman got her Tina-Turner-in-the-limo swag on and stabbed her boyfriend in the eye with her stiletto. In fact, she stabbed him so deep, it pierced his brain!

A drunk British woman used her 3-inch high heel to stab her boyfriend in the eye during a heated fight in a taxicab, according to London’s Daily Mail.

The heel went in so deep, it struck his brain.

The Bradford Crown Court was told on Tuesday that Staci Hargreaves, 38, kicked Gavin Taylor, 28, when he turned around in the front seat after a night of drinking in Huddersfield.

“The heel of one shoe went through the left eye,” said prosecutor David McGonigal, adding it “fractured the socket and entered his brain and caused a blood vessel to burst.”

Taylor then began to cough up blood before he went unconscious. He was taken to a hospital where he recovered after two operations and a one-month stay. The incident occurred on Feb. 7.

Taxi cab driver Mohammed Akbar told the jury that he saw Hargreaves’ foot come between the two seats. The man started screaming, “My eye, my eye,” the driver recalled.

Hargreaves initially told police that she did not remember the attack. She later said it was possible that she unintentionally kicked her boyfriend.

The trial is ongoing.

And the moral of the story is…don’t talk sh*t to broads and drive. These shoenistas are kickin’ cats’ faces off. From now on, we only f*ck with chicks in flip flops. Word.


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