Chris Brown Gets His Kicks Blasting Gats And Blowing Shizz Up!

- By Bossip Staff

Don’t expect Chris Brown to shake his violent reputation anytime soon… In a recent interview the singer/actor revealed that not only did he do almost all of his own stunts in his new film Takers, but that he loved doing them because he finds blasting gats and blowing shizz up FUN!

In an interview with MTV News, the 21-year-old singer admitted:

“The most thrilling part about this movie is probably the stunts. “I do, like, 96 per cent of my stunts. Some stunts they wanna use the doubles; I don’t wanna use the double! And they’re like, ‘We have to for safety and insurance issues’. I think the most exciting parts are the stunts, getting to blow stuff up, shoot guns, you know what I’m saying – it’s all fun!”

We’re sure Rihanna we’ll all feel so much better about you know that we know that Chrissy… SMH.

On a more positive note, actor Matt Dillon has attested to Breezy’s stuntin’ skills after sharing a particularly suspenseful action sequence with him. Dillon’s character, Detective Jack Welles, and partner Eddie Hatcher (played by Jay Hernandez) chase Breezy’s character Jesse Attica through the streets of L.A., following him as he leaps through windows, scales buildings, jumps on cars and anything else necessary to avoid being captured.

“I’ve never had to do so much running in my life,” Dillon said about the scene. “For that sequence, we were just, like, four days straight, just running through the streets, and this kid Chris is an unbelievable athlete. This guy Chris Brown, he’s unbelievable, man. So keeping up with him was a challenge even in itself, which was perfect for our characters.”

Sounds like a hot movie fa sho, but still — Breezy stay away from the gats and stuff. Leave that shizz to RihRih.


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  • erika love

    OMG!! Leave that man alone!! Haters!! Go Breezy!

  • nana

    Quit hating people!!! Rihanna looks like a chica who’ll dare u 2 hit her.. Chris am glad u whopped that azzz… On a more serious note, wtf is with that SHORTS???? Its hillarious chris

  • undressingHER

    umm, most men like blowing stuff up and shooting guns. It doesn’t mean that we’re violent. The last thing I want to do is take a life…I will…but I’m not planning on it. I shoot for sport.


    I wish you much success, you deserve a 2nd chance just like everyone else, you are not the first person to screw up and you damn sure want be the last, so do not let a few people get you off your square keep striving for success and remember God forgave you a long time ago, people will always find fault except for when they look within.


    This morning I got up and decided to sweep around my own front door before I decided to sweep around everyone else’s it works wonders some of ya’ll should try it, like ya’ll ain’t never fuk’ed up, I mean, some people are to damn judgemental.

  • bluekid


    I agree with you!

  • 6 Inch Walker

    AS usual this had NOTHING to do with Rihanna but her name gets brought up nonetheless.

  • Glok....The Most BEAUTIFULEST Thing in the World !!


  • bluekid

    And by the way Chris Brown has sign to one of the biggest agents in the world CAA!

    Not bad at all for a guy who’s music was banned, and did not get any play from the radio stations and who had the worst PR in the world but he is still standing.

    Go look CAA up my dear sweet pea Furious Styles! 🙂

  • kalifa

    give it a rest haters….
    are you gonna punish chris forever? if rihanna got over it and moved on who the hell are you….

    some of y’all act like he beat you

  • sunshine

    @bluekid…hey keep slaying…hahaha

  • Ciana

    I cant wait for Takers!!! its was really supposed to come out in January,then May and NOW its finally coming out!!! im going to see it like 5 times lol TEAM BREEZY ALL DAY!!!!!!!!

  • afan

    @I so agree with you. God is such a forgiven god. It’s a shame that people are just haters. Damm the young man was just a young teeager at the time with no direction on life yet. He’s growing up now and older knowing how to make better and more clearer choices.

  • ME


  • Leslie

    Dueces!! LMAO!!

  • niesha

    Y dont u stfu didnt u make a big enough fool of urself on these sites talking about ” ooh Jasmine is such a sweetie, her and chrissy, She is a good girl with good values” blah, blah, blah. and then what the ho is seen all up in a pool all over no- name d-list celeb Rob Kardashian. Why dont u respond to that ish and stop talking things that u dont know about. u have a bad habit of spreading rumours about Chris Brown that never come to fruition. between his tweets and ur lies he is doomed. STFD

  • Bobby B.

    Leslie, that’s nice and all but facts are facts: his last album was pure garbage and didn’t sell. It was so bad if u remember he had to cry on twitter all day about stores not stocking it, radio not playing it etc…there’s no reason to think his next album will sell. In the eyes of America (not urban gossip comments sections lol) he’s still pure trash and his wack music wont sell.

    On the flip side of that lol, Rhianna’s albums stay going PLATINUM, her singles are almost always #1 on billboard and her music is always on radio. Yeah, i’m sure CB wouldnt change careers in a second.

    But you pathetic CB fans will defend anything as long as he can dance right? Lol, go defend Polanski, Charlie Sheen and OJ

  • Bobby B.


    Bluekid has conveniently forgotten the 100’s of posts it made about how “CB will treat Jasmine like a queen,” and how “they will be together for a long time..” Hahaha what happened Bluekid? She sure left his woman-beating azz quick for the corny white boy. Lol they probably got in an argument and she saw what a pathetic anger filled trashy monster he really is

  • Leslie

    @ Bobby B

    Last time I checked I was NOT talking to you! Keep telling yourself Rhianna is so great. While you do that, myself and many others will continue to support his true TALANT! His personal lif has nothing to do with me. WHy you so concerned if you hate him so much? Cause you trying to convince yourself his career is over. Sorry boo boo, but CB is the sh*t and in due time he will prove it!

  • Leslie


  • reese

    that ur love remix is the shit…better than nikki minaj

  • keepingitreal

    whatever haters, chris is the best.

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