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Bristol Palin’s alleged “baby’s daddy” has a song, and the new single just hit the net. Remember we told you about him saying he was beating up little Palin’s cakes?  We are surprised a hit squad has not off’ed this kid yet. He said he “f*cked her best friend” and that is why she is mad. Sounds like some High School drama. The singing at the end is pure comedy. This little nicca is really trying to come up on a record deal. SMH.

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  • swoosh


  • cns

    I knew they had black people in Alaska. hahaha.

  • trishaann

    This is old news

  • Hope

    Nothing surprises me anymore!

  • Creole Baby Hotter Than Ya Ma Grits

    is there a black community in alaska?

  • Aunt Viv

    i ain’t messin’ with this…

  • lisalisa

    her baby daddy is black???????


    Yeah, I thought her baby daddy was a white boy. Thats what they reported on CNN. They allegedly showed him shaking hands with MCcain. WTF.

  • Carla

    If he is the real Baby’s father that is scandalous !

  • Family First

    when the baby comes out someone is going to look like an idiot

  • BossLady


    It would have been funny even if it was one of the Obama girls. Seriously.

  • danadane

    There are negroes everywhere – I hate it when people say “They have black people there??” What goes on in the dark will come out in the light…..the baby will be brown and we (the public) will neva eva see this baby!

  • sillyme

    Wasilla is a very small town. If this were true, if this girl was dating a black guy, it would be all over the Internet, just like the stories are about the other (white) boyfriend, and Palin’s son. Not to mention the National Inquirer, who’s going all over Alaska paying money for any kind of dirt on Palin (funny, the Inquirer didn’t do this with Obama). But, yet, this guy is the only one talking about it. Right. When Britney Spears sister was pregnant, some black kid came out claiming he was the father, too. SMH.

  • SMDH

    She needs to sue his ignant little ass…

  • SMDH

    “I knew they had black people in Alaska. hahaha.”

    I live in Alaska. Though I go to college in Massachusetts, my home is Alaska. There are black people there.. Scarce, but there!!!

  • Family First

    @ SMDH

    i like your new picture

  • SMDH

    Thanks. I’m trying to chang it. I don’t like it. I took a few and I’m gonna try one of the other ones.

  • Power

    Great a good way for Society to learn more about our Black men, and to think he is in such contrast to this girls fiance in a negative way. The press will have a field day with this one, and at the end of the day it will make Black men look like Vermin. “Ifu*cked her best friend, so she’s mad” sounds straight out of a rap song. Until we as a race have the courage and strength to come against those that tarnish our image we will never have a good perception.

  • Family First

    where do you go to school in Mass?

    my friend’s lil sister just moved in at MIT and she already called home crying telling us she was homesick.

  • SMDH

    I go to school @ Boston College.

    MIT is a very good, safe, fun school. She’ll be alright. 🙂

  • NeevaTHEDiva

    tution at MIT for one year will put 4 kids through 4 yr colleges of the non ivy league sort lol .. but back to the topic . i would love to see this lil girl pop out a carmel baby it would just go sooo much more salacious lol

  • Family First

    well we’re from California and I guess she feels like Massachusetts is hella racist and the people on campus are exclusive but i hope youre right when you say she’ll be all right. i often take for granted the diversity of the Bay Area but that reminded me

  • cheeks8683

    what did she find the one black dude that lives in alaska to have sex with

  • Marquis de Sade

    ” i would love to see this lil girl pop out a carmel baby it would just go sooo much more salacious lol”

    Trust me, they will try to hide it with the same zeal they did with the first baby. There is no way that that down syndrom kid is Sarah Palin’s child. It’s their daughter’s first mistake.

  • http://dyma.com Dyma





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