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Good day, Bossip readers! Happy “Almost There Thursday!” It’s no secret that dating and finding the “one” is an arduous task, right? Having to filter through facades, trying to distinguish the difference between a genuine connection and infatuation or maybe even deciding if you can overlook a quirk or two in an otherwise suitable match. So many of us can admit that we’ve dumped a decent candidate because of that one thing that left something to be desired or turned you all the way off. Could it be hygiene? Could it be body structure? Could it be a difference in tastes or preferences? Sometimes, the particulars are completely valid in terms of being the “last straw,” however, are some of us finicky to point where it cripples our chances of being in a solid, committed relationship? Men, in particular, are the focus of today’s post and they’ve shared a few of the things they find make a woman less attractive and less datable. Ladies, we’ll cover all things not-so-cute from your perspective next week!

You know what irritates me? A woman who is totally sarcastic and if she’s sarcastic at the wrong time, then I’m done. I think there’s a time and place for everything. It’s like this, if I can tell you’re in a space and you could use an ear rather than a slick joke, then I’m listening! And so it should go both ways, if you can tell that I’m in a space and need a little time to vent or some tenderness and you say something smart . . . who’s laughing? Not me. Was I supposed to? Because I missed the joke. I’m, by no means, too stiff that I can’t take a joke but the slick sh*t, I am not with that. I can’t go. – Mark, 31

Bad breath. Bad breath is a deal breaker for me. I can’t stand that back of the throat, stale breath . . . you know that smell? It kind of makes me tear. I was on a date with this one chick and she was outwardly gorgeous but her breath was terrible. I brush my teeth twice a day and floss and it’s important, to me, that a woman takes care of her teeth! If your breath is foul then you don’t take care of your teeth which means you don’t take care of your body. Call me shallow but that’s a deal breaker. – Maurice, 28

I tell you what, my wife knows everything. You can’t tell her sh*t! If I told her the sky is blue she would tell me that it’s a shade of blue and not the traditional blue. Or if I’m going through something she’ll come up with all reasons why and my reasons don’t matter. She is the type of woman I used to run from and she can get under my skin like no other. I can’t take that from anyone else but her and that’s mainly because she’s so sweet and knows when to back off. But she’ll make sure to tell me all the things that were on her mind once things cool off. Yea, she’s a mess but I love her for it. – Anthony, 33

I don’t like for a woman to ask a lot of questions. I’m a man of few words and I take care of business at home and on the job, so don’t ask me where I’ve been if it’s obvious. Work. Don’t ask me who I’m with if I’ve given you no reason to be suspect. Don’t ask me what I’m bringing to the table if you’re not bringing anything but what’s between your legs. If you want to get to know me that’s one thing but the petty stalking is not a good look. – JT, 32

A woman who smokes is the worst. That is such a turn off. No man wants woman who smells like cigarettes all the time. And chances are, if she smokes cigarettes, she smokes weed and drinks too. I can tolerate a litlle bit of weed from time to time and if she drinks that’s cool too but those cancer sticks are disgusting and I will not date a woman that smokes. – Pierre, 27

When a woman says one thing and does another. That’s what I don’t understand about women, they hold men accountable for every word that comes out of our mouths but you can’t do that with women. It could be “I thought you said you cook” and I’ve never seen her lift a pot and she’ll come up with an excuse or say something like “well, give me a reason to cook.” Now I’m wrong for feeling mislead, right? You see what I mean? Don’t sell me no dreams. – Mike, 29

Fellas, what turns you off? Please discuss, Bossip fam!

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