Kourtney’s Sorry Azz BabyDaddy Scott “STD” Disick Finally Goes To Rehab

- By Bossip Staff

Kourtney Kardashian’s constantly slizzed sperm-donor boyfriend Scott Disick reportedly sought rehab for his drinking and psychological issues after last week’s crazy episode.

After Scott Disick’s violent Miami meltdown in last week’s episode of Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami, Kourtney Kardashian’s troubled boyfriend finally sought help.

“Scott received outpatient rehab treatment and counseling for alcohol use and psychological issues after his Miami outburst,” sources confirm to E! News. “He’s still being treated.”

But, according to scenes from the upcoming episode of KKTM, Scott wasn’t interested in any recovery programs suggested by Kris Jenner…

In the footage, Kris confronts Scott and offers some retreat options she’s researched. Scott promptly tosses the pamphlets off the balcony.

“I’m in therapy already,” he tells her during a heated exchange. “I don’t need another person bringing me down when I’m trying to be on the right path.”

“I’m here to say you will not be a part of my life unless change really fast,” Kris tells him.

Apparently, things have improved since cameras stopped rolling: Scott was just spied in the Hamptons on seemingly good terms with Kourt, Kris, Kim and Khloé—although a source says he had two drinks during an event over the weekend.

We’re not sure outpatient treatment is gonna do the trick for this guy. We’ve seen him in action and he definitely has mega issues. Interesting that he’s also being treated for psychological issues as well, looks like Khloe wasn’t far off the mark when she was calling him a sociopath!

Good luck to him, but honestly Kourtney, you could do so much better. Find yourself a nice baseball player and use that Kardashion championship puss to help win him the World Series!



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  • http://perryone779@yahoo.com rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 ™

    who cares!!


    This is all fake, funny how he calms down after the cameras start rolling, next is Lamar’s turn to shine for the camera, I hate this whole family disgusting.

  • ImJustSayin

    ummm so…

  • -

    Kourtney needs to leave scott right now!

  • britchick91

    ^shes not going anywhere if anything he’ll leave her

  • shon Jones

    Kourtney is so dum behind Scout I f i see her in pesron i will catch a case by shaking some sense in her stupid head.. I do not like Kourtney anymore because she let Scott run over her she can do so much better…. Love Kim and Khloe…Kourtney grow up and get some sense you didnt have Mason by yourself…

  • LuvN_Life

    Scotts NOT even the baby’s father,Michael Girgenti is,OH YEAH!
    thats why scott treats HEr that way,Cause shes a SKUT Bucket not the innocent young lady people perceive her to be

  • London girl

    That baby is NOT Scotts lmao

  • http://esaw0111@rock.com REAL TALK



  • Ashlee

    I think they’re great together, LOL! It appears Scott is the only one who might be able to take these losers OFF THE AIR! I hope he keeps misbehaving! lol. She is just as dumb as him, they deserve each other.

  • flytxbitch

    This sh*t is staged

  • http://facebook.com/enidwalton thunderkitty

    What do u expect, his last name is DiZick!

  • yvonne

    Kourt is not young, shes 31 or 32, she has a very low self esteem of herself, i cant stand her anymore why she puts up with crap from him is beyond me, as the oldest, she sure acts like the youngest with no brains.

  • Hold_Your_Fire

    Look, Kourtney wants that man. Believe me when i say u cant tell a woman a DAMN THING when it comes to leaving the man she wants. So Kris and everyone else can hang it up. Kourtney will only distance herself from her family and friends to be with Scott.

  • Sanjor

    U care Rose, u care….

  • lipz

    Courtney will only leave him if she catches him in bed with another man!

  • rosshell

    kourtney has a low selfesteem and is unhappy with herself.

    She is the oldest and her little sister’s have to be with her and scott thats strange to me. this i how he is (i dont think its fake) he has some type of hold on her its crazy!!!
    She is beautiful and i hope one day she finds out and drop him he is nothing!!!! If her real dad was living I think he wouldnt have this at all!!!
    Khole is my favorite anyway I love her my daughter reminds me of her they are beautiful tall young ladies with curves.
    my daughter has a azz for days and she aint ashamed!!! she dont got no stomach she just tall and hips/azz.
    live you, love you, do you!!!!

  • thee baddest

    – I wish she wud leave Scott’s dogg ass. For good.

  • patrice carroll

    to all cele i say do ur thing n dnt let no one steal r joy its always a hater out there lurk give them the bird n keep it movin

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