Nonprofit Hands Out Free Crack Pipes To Stop The Spread Of HIV

- By Bossip Staff

A nonprofit group in Seattle is making headlines after announcing that they’re handing out free crack pipes to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. The People’s Harm Reduction Alliance claims that it’s starting the controversial campaign because of the possibility of spreading the virus through cuts on the mouth from broken pipes and to prevent the spread of hepatitis from mouth sores.


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  • Le'pepe

    Yes this will help!!!!!
    Free crack for everyone.
    So they can kill innocent people and steal s*** to sell for more crack.

  • ImJustSayin

    What’s the difference between handing out crack pipes and condoms?? They are both ways to protect not promote.
    If your going to do it,why not be safe doing so????

  • Somali Ninga

    spell my name wrong LOL :p

  • phyre

    Y not open up a free rehab clinic instead? Idk but I get the point though.

  • coldt7

    Yeah,give the people what they want!!!

  • TMoney253

    It’s legal to hand out crack pipes? WTF?

  • Pleezzz

    I thought most Crack-heads got Aids because they sell there bodies for the crack, now they have a nice clean pipe to smoke it in…..Please.

  • Pleezzz

    The Government is back to it old tricks!

    In this rescission the government isn’t bring in enough taxes revenue, so the had to go back to putting drugs in the hood.

  • Tracey

    So tax payers are forking out for the drugs for drug addicts, well the Afghan war is a win win for many. Gas, Oil, many different types of metals and drugs, when will the goodies end?

    Never knew one could get AIDS from crack pipes?

  • Shira

    This is dumb. Why make it easier for people to use crack? If getting hepatitis and hiv is a result of something that a person is doing then maybe they should not do it. This group is sending the wrong message by accomodating crack addicts. If they are going to do something they should help them not be addicts not make it easier for them by giving them less to worry about when putting the pipe to their mouths. SMH

  • Shira

    Read the article people. This is not government funded. This is a private organization in Seattle doing this. They apparently have nothing better to do.

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  • Joy

    This is a waste of money. It would be better to send a few people who want to quit drugs to rehab. Do they really think crack addicts will be mindful not to share crack pipes in the future. Are they testing to see who already has an infectious disease and targeting those people with free crack pipes?



  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    Wow! This is definitely different, I am not sure what the outcome will be.

  • DenialRiver

    if it works, i’m all for it.

    u can’t save those who don’t want to be saved, but at least they’re less of a threat to society.

  • Shira

    It’s called personal responsibility, spreadluv. There aren’t any crack pipes in my closet that’s for sure. The way you sound there might be a few in yours though. I would like to see fewer addicted people and more living happy, healthy lives not people helping them continue doing bad. Right wing or whatever, I am a fan of helping people live not making it easier for them to kill themselves. And if you are so worldly you would know that crime rates in countries that do things like this i.e Holland, Canada, etc, are low. But their addiction rates are quite high. Is that really better? How about spreading a little luv, spreadluv? Bless.

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