Blood Diamond Naomi Gives False Testimony????

- By Bossip Staff


It’s about to get very ugly for beautiful Naomi Campbell. The cantankerous catwalker, who insisted under oath last week that she did know who sent her “dirty-looking pebbles” that turned out to be infamous blood diamonds, was aware that alleged war criminal and former Liberian President Charles Taylor was going to send her the gems, according to explosive court testimony expected today from her former agent.

And she later falsely boasted to pals that one was much larger than it actually was, the agent will say. The moody model was forced to the stand at Taylor’s trial at The Hague in the Netherlands last week as prosecutors tried to tie him to the diamonds. The former president allegedly received the uncut, illegally mined gems in exchange for arming murderous Sierra Leone rebels. Campbell denied even talking about diamonds with Taylor at a dinner party 13 year ago — much less knowing that a pouch of “very small, dirty-looking” stones she later received from three mysterious men had been sent by him.
But Carole White — once her loyal, longtime agent — is set to testify that she “heard Mr. Taylor tell Ms. Campbell that he was going to send her diamonds” during the party,” The Times of London said. Campbell has denied it all.

She testified that when she spoke with Taylor that night, “I spoke in general. I was interested in Liberia. I had never heard of it before.” The pouch of diamonds later came with “no explanation, no note,” she said. Receiving such an odd gift from a mysterious fan was not unusual, Campbell insisted, saying, “I get gifts all the time, sometimes in the middle of the night.” The million-dollar model testified only after being threatened with up to seven years in prison for contempt of court if she didn’t. Taylor is charged with crimes against humanity, including funding the rebels, who think nothing of recruiting child soldiers and mutilating civilians.

Naomi best get her isht right…they already threatened her with jail time before, if she keeps this up, they will lock her a$s up over those “dirty looking pebbles.”


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  • Martinigal

    Oh dear god look at Naomi’s head! So this is the price Black Women have to pay for those long European lacefront wigs. Damn!

  • bigmeech

    she liar!!!!!

  • Martinigal

    Naomi: “I was interested in Liberia, I’ve never heard of it before” What?! I know a lot of people are Geographicly stupid, but come on now. I dont believe a word she said.


    I’m gone need her never to uncover that bald spot again in public, and yes she is so lying, she said two small diamonds, and she told Mia Farrow that it was a large diamond and she very well knew who gave her the blood diamond “LIAR”

  • Glok....!!


  • lizzyb

    Naomi Campbell is sticking by the g- code!!! We dnt talk to police!!!

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  • Fux that

    You Negroes are stupid she not looking out for herself she is looking out for Mandela. She gave the diamonds to one of Mandela’s charities.If the diamonds get linked to Taylor it will taint Mandela and put his work into disrepute.You American negroes are savvy for shyyt.Its all a damn game politics all day everyday.

  • Shawn of the Living

    We really don’t know who is lying …Mia Farrow? The agent for Naomi? or Naomi?

    We weren’t there. The way that blacks are persecuted as a whole, I would think that we would be able to cut her some slack. But crabs in a barrel, do what crabs in a barrel do…bring the others down.

  • TrueNight

    The woman making the claims that Naomi is lying currently has a separate lawsuit against Naomi, that could be reason enough for her to tell these lies. This dictator is dangerous and I don’t blame Naomi for not wanting to testify.

  • DenialRiver

    (confused look)
    We don’t know who’s lying?

    In one corner we have Naomi’s agent, an actress associate (Mia Farrow) who has nothing to gain by lying and a gang of people Naomi blabbed to at a breakfast table the morning after getting the “rocks.”

    In the other corner we have a woman with previous run-ins with the law, no regard for slobbing down a married man (oops, I mean separated… for a decade), and silly enough to stand under oath and pretend that she didn’t know the difference between a bunch of diamonds and a bunch of dirty rocks.

    She’s a model.
    But she doesn’t know the difference between a diamond and a rock…

    Poor Naomi, taking one for freedom and Mandela. Yeah. Let’s go with that.

  • It's Me

    Naomi, ain’t worried about jail time as she will whip azzes in the pin. Them h.o.e.s will know not to f with her.

  • http://Google Tee

    Girlfriend puleez tell that rich bf to go buy u a jar of sulphur8, u walking around wearing high end ish but that beady bald on yo head spells g h e t t o .

  • Chukkaman

    What is the big issue here? Naomi Campbell is a self publicising, selfish, human being who has been caught lying to the Hague! If she had any sympathy or empathy for her fellow blacks in Africa, she would be doing all she could to bring this genocidal dictator down…not looking to save her own ageing skin! Totally disgusted with her!

  • Dj20

    this blad head beast is a liar.

  • Soul Touch

    I didn’t know that it was Naomi that was on trial?

    In the end, I hope her testimony brings justice to Taylors door. I could care less if she’s trying to protect herself in the meantime. TAYLOR IS VERY DANGERIOUS!!!!!!! Who in there right mind would want to be affiliated with him? In 1997 most common folks had no clue who Taylor was and those that did, had no idea the extent of his madness. Many people who are ‘respected’ had affiliations with Taylor (including Mandela) so th is opens a whole new can of worms.


    To fux: shut the fu^ck up!! You sound really dumb!!

  • Soul Touch

    Fux that said:
    “You Negroes are stupid she not looking out for herself she is looking out for Mandela. She gave the diamonds to one of Mandela’s charities.If the diamonds get linked to Taylor it will taint Mandela and put his work into disrepute.You American negroes are savvy for shyyt.Its all a damn game politics all day everyday.”

    …thank you.

  • uptowngirl

    That hairline!!! Good Lord.

  • Soul Touch

    Let’s not mention that the dinner was held at Mandela’s house.

    Mind you, Mandela’s charity didn’t want the diamonds, but the director held onto the diamonds because he wanted to protect Mandela, Campbell and the foundations reputation.

    There were many people at that dinner party…Imran Khan, Quincy Jones, Mia Farrow, etc breaking bread with the warlord.

  • uh huh!

    That bald headed beast is mean, rude, feels entitlement, has emotional and mental issues and is a bona fide LIAR!!!

  • Curious1

    Why does she always resort to lying….ALWAYS…

    The TRUTH ain’t in her…

  • Vampire Bill Used 2 B Ready Set Go

    Why aren’t the diamond dealers around the world on trial? Going after Campbell is going after very small fish while the real culprits spend the loot. This is total B.S. Did Taylor give ALL the diamonds to Naomi?

  • Curious1

    Evidence and witnesses to tie charges to the accused…Have to prove it..and it’s likes drugs….If you handle or benfitted from the drugs or money..or product…you can be charged with something..Benefitted from Dead Childrens Blood all over those Blood Diamonds..knowngly knowing where they came from ..Is Guilty as Charged to me…part of the whole conspiracy, racketerrng (sp), theift by conversion..something..if here in the states…Dope boy homeevades,steals chick victims jewelry,kills jewlery to his girl..she walking around with stolen/blood jewelry…knowingly..knowing the source of whence it came..

    guilty…Naomi seems to be on that ISH…some ISH me…She needs serious HELP…

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