Bossip Exclusive: We Went To The ATL Premiere of ‘The Confidant’ And It Was _________

- By Bossip Staff

The Atlanta premiere of ‘The Confidant’ turned out to be a star studded event. Well, sort of… Every D to Z lister came out to jostle for attention at the Woodruff Arts Center’s red carpet event.

Kenya Moore, Boris Kodjoe, David Banner, Bai Ling and director Alton Glass shared funny anecdotes before showing the straight to DVD movie ‘The Confidant’ to a packed crowd. As usual, Boris was looking extra foine, as was Kenya Moore. David Banner’s down to earth personality warmed the room and poor little Tink Tink (Bai Ling) posed for any camera phone that would take the time to capture her.

Also in attendance were Demetria McKinney (the chick who plays the crackhead mom on House of Payne), a contestant from Omarosa’s Ultimate Merger (Jarvis something or other) and other familiar but not-so-famous faces. Lamman Rucker (the guy who played Jill Scott’s husband on Why Did I Get Married 2) was also in the building and looking scrumptious. Sorry ladies, we saved those pics for ourselves.

Overall, the premiere was 70% hype and 30% delivery. ‘The Confidant’ was about a scorned best friend (David Banner) who took the rap for his boy (Boris Kodjoe) after he accidentally stabbed some dude over a gambling debt. Banner goes on to spend 11 years in jail and comes back for revenge against the friend who never visited him or even bothered to pick him up from jail.

Although the movie was supposed to be a thriller, the crowd spent more time laughing than sitting on the edge of their seats. Kenya Moore’s shiny make-up and weave made her look like a wax figurine as did her lifeless portrayal of a naive wife, although the opening scene of Boris tappin’ dat azz in the car was rather engaging. (For the record, the movie didn’t do her beauty justice.) David Banner was comical yet convincing in his role as the psychotic jailbird and Boris shined through as a seasoned actor as did Bai Ling. We have to give honorable mention to the Spanish lady who played the maid. Her parts were short, but thoroughly entertaining.

The movie gets two thumbs wigglin’ sideways, but we do encourage you to pick it up at the nearest Best Buy or Walmart because our black actors need the support. If for nothing else, check it out for the steamy threesome scene.

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