Obama Invites His Boys Over For BBQ And B-Ball At The White House

- By Bossip Staff

Y’all knew it was gonna happen. President Obama tossed some shrimp on the bar-be and invited his boys over for a special game of hoops at the White House.

The President celebrated his 49th birthday firing up the grill and playing b-ball with a host of basketball all-stars. LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade were just a few of the ballers that joined Obama for the special hoops exhibition. The star studded event, included an audience of wounded soldiers and participants of the White House mentoring program.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan was also included in game and although he played basketball at Harvard he admitted he was no match for King James. He told MSNBC it was an “amazing” day but he “stayed out of LeBron’s way.”

After shooting hoops, the jovial crowd headed back to the White House for a barbecue complete with oil flavored shrimp from the Gulf Coast.

Let the black president barbecue and basketball jokes begin in 3-2-1…


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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Sounds like a good game they had

  • Glok....!!


  • tj

    Whew! So glad he isn’t letting the whole business of running our country get in the way of him fulfilling his dreams of kickin’ it with ballers and celebrities. Barack Obama = Celebrident

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  • http://www.houserest.org Dr Marietta Brown

    The President is really enjoying himself having a lot of rest time.

  • williedynamite

    where can I get me a obama jersey?

  • SweetLittleMe

    Im sorry, maybe he should be out playing boring a.s.s golf and eating filet mignon. Is that white people approved for you enough? GTFOH. There are certain things we enjoy and certain things they enjoy. Stop the self hate just because they’ve ingrained it into your heads. Yeah they make fun of anything that they disdain or makes them uncomfrtable or they arent good at and you feel bad about it, WHY? DONT!

  • http://www.bossip.com whats really good?

    Sure leave the country in turmoil and go have a BBQ.
    They gave negros a chance and look what happened…he’s playing basketball.

  • cjack

    I am glad to see powerful brothers having a good time. Do you work 24/7? I don’t think so. Stop hating

  • http://www.bossip.com Truth Hurths Of Course

    @ SweetLittleMe – You cant be serious.Its not a white thing its a Presidential thing.He’s being unprofessional and you know it so stop kissing his funky a** just because he’s black!

  • Curious1

    Some things should not be televised or publicized is all…but it does give ammunition to all the racial stereotypes about black people one can muster..

    Black Negroes and BB-check
    Bobbie Q (Prolly “Poke”) (Cooked unhealthy as his wife laments about Obesity in America..They eating Pigs and Cows..on da Bobbie Q Pit)

    Prolly had Watermelon..

    Nothing illegal,uh-uh..and tons of Blacks do this daily..just “Others” do think this stuff is inferior to them..not even Upscale Level…just more folly for all racial stereotypes all in 1 day’em day…

    But me…I..can’t call it…There are a lot of clasic stereotypes all over this…but shoot Being Black and Breathing trying to live has become a Stigma and Stereotype in and of itself nowadays…

  • ocapkid aka the Haitian

    coool… its nice to see a real black man in the white house lol

  • Shawn of the Living

    I’m sorry…but the vacations are getting on my nerves…People are suffering right now..like never before and I’m starting to feel like we got jipped here.

    I completely understand the president’s need to relax , like everyone else…but c’mon man.

    You are not every other President..and like all black people..YOU have to do MorE, to get half as far.

  • ReddK

    Were some of you this upset when Bush was tending to his ranch or Cheney was out hunting? You must have missed the part where it said the game was to entertain wounded troops and the BBQ consisted of shrimp from the Gulf coast.

  • The Beast 1123

    Please tell me how this is any different than any president playing golf with a bunch of celebrities? Playing basketball is Unprofessional? You all act like they had a And 1 tournament at Rucker Park.

  • Sick and Tired

    Ok you guys are REALLY OBAMA Haters!! I’m not 100% in support of him either nor will I be for any President for that matter because they are all a part of the conspiracy. Any who, where were all the HATERS when BUSH was ALWAYS on VACATION at his RANCH!! Oh yeah that’s right, they didn’t call it a vacation. They reported he was, “visiting his ranch.” REALLY!! He wasn’t working!! He wasn’t working during 9/11, or Katrina!! He did work on getting his dirty hands on that oil though. How you doing!!

  • Zaaquir

    I think some of you are forgetting that it was for a good cause…..To entertain our wounded soldiers. I guess we want their protection, but we refuse to show our support and understanding of what they will give and have given up for this country.

    As for as Obama being unprofessional, when did it become unprofessional for a president to entertain the wounded soldiers who became wounded defending the country that he/she is president of? Some things should be left along and this situation is one of them.

    I don’t agree with everything the Pres. Obama says and does when it comes to the politics of this country. However, I do support a pres. that is willing to show his/her thanks for the military that protects their country. It was just a game of basketball. Something he loves to do as a hobby and people are complaining about it. You can imagine what the complaint would have been if he did something for the wounded troops using the taxpayers’ money. This country loves to talk about loyalty, but yet in still will complain about something being done for the men and women who fight and die to protect our rights to complain freely.

  • Devotee

    As a black person I will say blk ppl are idiots. WTF do you not having an education or enough food stamps have to do with the president playin basketball and having a BBQ. Oh the country is in turmoil oh our ppl are suffering oh help me my daughter can’t get the new jordans. Stfu and go do something with your life because he WORKED for his vacations and rest time. The man can not single handedly change America around by hisself and with the support he has been getting it’s gonna get harder and harder for him. So Jerome Shaniqua octivia lejohn or whatever ya names r go get a clue and stop posting on gossip websites because you sound ignorant.


    Does the man EVER be in the whitehouse??????

  • Devotee

    Ummm koko I already said that lmao u silly

  • India

    @ What’s Really Good? & Shawn of the Living: you all sound really ignorant. Coming from a war veteran, Obama is doing the best he can in a short amount of time, but that doesn’t mean he cannot live. Why isn’t anyone saying anything about Bush when he vacayed about 30% f his presidency, was on vacay when hurricane Katrina hit and DID NOT return once he was notified and sent his VP to do the work?! What about the war of Iraq?! Using his Special Orders to create a BIG mess that Obama and other politicians are working hard to clean up?! What about that?! At least he isn’t laundering $$$ and hoeing around on his free time like Clinton did. Leave him alone!

  • india

    @Sick and Tired: thank you! That’s all I’m saying! Some people need to stay off of mainstream websites and get an education! @ Southern Twist: instead of questioning Obama, you should’ve been questioning Bush. If he stayed his butt in the White House Obama wouldn’t be in this position, now would he? Bush didn’t visit soldiers like me when things calmed down in 200r in iraq. He sent others inpace of him when I got a newspaper with a picture on the front with him “golfing” in Texas. Stop downplaying Obama!

  • Kasenahbob


    I guess the majority of people on here got together and agreed to completely IGNORE the part that it was the nig.ga’s BIRTHDAY and that he should be able to celebrate it however he wants.

    You know.. just like how some of you rachet a.ss people on here who call in sick on YOUR birthdays. -_-

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