Who Is My Mommy?

- By Bossip Staff

This precious little swirly girl is the daughter of a music producer and a Hollyweird actress who stars on one of TV’s most popular shows. Can you guess who her Mommy is? Keep reading to find out!

It’s little Stella Luna! Daughter of Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery. Ellen plays Meredith Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” for those of you who aren’t familiar. Cute family! Looks like Stella loves the camera too.


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  • Sammie B

    I love ellen pompeo from Greys anatomy Beautiful Family! =)

  • DenialRiver


  • Sammie B

    except for the father! haha

  • kuntakinte

    I personally think they r a beautiful couple! Until a scandal breaks out, they are alrifght wit me.

  • uh huh!

    I had no idea!

  • LaDiva

    Awww so cute. God bless

  • Devotee

    Wow didn’t see that one coming….they look like total opposites..does she know who jayz is lol

  • Lea

    The negro is about to end his bloodline, that kid will definitely grow up to marry a white prince, haha black people are stupiddddddd.




  • Cally

    she is beautiful.

  • Interesting

    That baby is so cute!

    *On a side note* Can’t wait til Grey’s comes back for a new season!

  • Stupidity is a disease

    Unfortunatley@Lea you sound like the one who is stupid.

    Most daughters marry the images of their fathers and her father is black!

    Wow, let people love and live.

    Worry about gettin some!

    Jus saying

  • Lea

    shut your mouth fag look at her, why would she want to lay down with some hiv infected negro in the future??? thats disgusting.Her mother is delusional, and gross, these people are surrounded by whites all the time why wouldnt she marry a white guy??

  • dgeg

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  • lt

    she’s a cutie pie.

  • Niasia

    how presh??

  • Nee Nee

    I love the way certain people get on here and make ignorant comments about blacks on black site. Knowing dayum well you wouldn’t say that to anyones face. Cowards. ANYWAY… They look really cute together. Beautful little girl!

  • Amber (@acm105)

    Cute baby

  • ms.kelly

    That baby is so adorable,if my childrens’father turns out to be white. I date both Black and White men. I really hope my babies look as cute as her. They are such a cute couple!

  • bellajacqueline

    Lea, you are ignorant and disrepectful. We all bleed the same and love has no color and neither does God. Sounds like you’ve earned a one way ticket to hell. Have fun in the pit you racist pig.

  • Ms. November

    She’s adorable. Grey’s season finale was the BEST!

  • Coney Island

    I love Ellen Pompeo mainly because i love Grey’s Anatomy. Their baby is sooo adorable.

  • R_U_Trying_To_Prove_Her_Right?

    I can’t imagine what kind of synapes are MISS-firing inside the head of a damn fool who’d hate a kid that’s still in diapers, then claim some kind of SUPERIORITY to one of the kid’s parents.

    You sick m()tha f()kkas ought to sell you laptop and invest the money in some


    Mixed race people aren’t DECREASING any time soon — the trend is for more and more of them.

    Get the F()CK over it.

  • TMoney253

    Where’s Real Black is Chocolate when you need him/her?

  • Lea

    You blacks wish you were white, it will will never happen, and NO,no white Prince would ever touch a monkey. Pathetic race, you kiss our behinds all the time.

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