Some Afternoon Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

As we kick off another week, we’ve got our eye on KING Magazine’s latest WebGirl — Dominican-born beauty Scarlet Reyn. Currently living in Miami, Reyn shared her freaky secrets with and we figured we’d share them

If you had to sleep with one woman who would it be?
Cassie Ventura.

Do you own any adult videos?
Actually I don’t “own” it, while I was young I did pretty crazy stuff according to my ex. He burnt the tape [crosses fingers]

Ever had a one-night stand?
Yes, I think a lot of us had.

Lights on or lights off?

ON! Or dimmed. When off, you can’t see me making the “oohh’s and ahh’s” faces.

Tell us something your parents don’t know about you…

That I got both of my nipples pierced.

Preferred type of underwear?

Frederick’s of Hollywood lace thongs.

What’s your fetish?

I like being choked a little. It turns me on…and nasty talk in my ear with rage…yummy [laughs].

WHOA… See we told ya she’s a freak!

Shout out to Sean Malcolm


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  • kuntakinte

    Am jealous of her body! Its cute. But that she really hve to show all her goodies 4 a piece of change?? Smh.. I like to be choked too but with the right person! Don’t want sme crazy dude chokin me to death cuz he blacked out!

  • Marquis de Sade

    Ok, I can’t front – This girl is BAAADDD! I’d so love to go down on her 😛

  • Matix B

    She is a knock out, next time girl… no cake shots though it just limits the amount of work you can do later sister. Talent management 101!

  • she was faking it buddy

    looks like her a$$ stinks

    • DELA

      who ever got something bad to say about this girl probably didnt HIT i aint even gona hate you go girl for dating one of the most talented man in the game

  • sallyg

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  • dummies

    she is BLACK, she got african american in her

  • Ejay

    There should be No Negative comments about her looks. NONE!!! She’s all that and more!!!

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    They air brushed the sh*t out dis black chic/dominican. But she still look good tho. tasty..

  • Macori

    Every once in a while there’s a new psycho on this blog.

  • Romello

    Thats what I’m talken about…

    Thats what every man need…

    I don’t blame Piles…I don’t want your bushy chic…

    Give me somebody I wanna come home too!!!



  • kiko

    scarlerREYN that chick is finally coming UP! i wana see more, i wanna marry her she dating common FOREAL?


    I D K who she dating but she def dating a celeb! SHE POSTED SOME ISH ON TWITTER ABOUT HAVING SOMEONE SPECIAL IN HER LIFE AND IS HER SECRET.*SHRUGS* goodluck a man cant hate go gnr

  • casttw

    its scarlereyn leon you cant spell? thats she replies to me:) GIRLS REAL CUTE

  • DRqueen

    SHES dominican shes not black at eat that,who she dating?

  • caren

    shes pretty nice bod when can u reach her i need her diet

  • dirtydiana

    she looks like reagan gomez

  • bigboytroy

    yall people like to exagerate she aint never said shes dating common she wrote on her twitter @scarletreyn that she “has someone special in her life” and its her secret” who started the common thing,they dont know eachotherm it might be a celeb

  • livMIA


  • rudeNcute

    i wish you guys would learn the difference between ethnicity and race. you can be black— that is a race. this girls is dominican– that is her ethnicity. she is obviously mixed with some black, this chick is darker than me and someone said she’s not black— ummmmm ok!

  • chaMILLION

    i need to book this chick where can i find her> whos she dating>

  • kaliawag

    shes dating “common”?

  • kyle

    This is commons new girl? if so shes good a keeping it on THE LOW. and so is he.BET THEYLL DENY EACHOTHER, *SHRUGS*

  • liby

    shes been slept on for too long scarletreyn! wohooooooo GNR common…my man!

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