White Chocolate Justin Bieber Gets Hit In The Head With Water Bottle By Female Fan

- By Bossip Staff

Justin Bieber took the stage in Sacremento, CA and while he was expressing his love for all of his fans, a female out of the crowd chucks a water bottle at his head… SMH!!! Dayyyummm, guess everybody’s not in love with Justin Bieber…

Take a Peek:

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  • 2Sweet

    I cant stand that hairstyle. And why is he white chocolate?? Becuz he and ole Ushy have a thing going? Please? Now Jon B was sum real white choc.

  • makemewannascream

    oh dang that’s rude.


    “white chocolate” lol!

  • Jay

    @ 2Sweet jon b is some white chocolate and robin thicke.

  • tiffany

    @ 2sweet….Jon b was the this ish for real…now that man can get it…I think he have black white wife!

  • Claire

    HAHAHA, hes like oww, but seriously, when is this boy going to reach puberty????He still sounds like an eleven year old girl.

  • Kimmy


  • sammie Bee

    hahahha now this ish is funny

  • coldt7

    She should have knocked this little fake pricks head off!!!!

  • Bored-with-it-all

    Somebody say Jon B.
    Man he was the ish, too bad he let Pappa Knowles scandalous a$$ put a extra long pause on his Icon status. Damn those knowles (except for Solange)

  • http://bitchiefiles.blogspot.com Achica89

    @ Claire, my thoughts exactly!

  • Punkmike

    white people’s reflexes r on point,he changed the trajectory with his hand coz it was goin to hit him harder if he dint.first bush and now Justin…stop throwin things at white folks people,please

  • anonymousalien

    First a revolving door, now this? LMAO!!!

  • the other me

    chick got an arm on her, “and she know how to use it”
    Justin should’ve pulled an Akon, (bring her to the stage, and toss the broad off)

  • fivestar

    was that bottle frozen? that was a loud thud lol

  • Bluekid

    Little chi chi man!


    I’m not a fan, but that was not cool at all, I’d left the stage and beat her azz

  • BlameItOnVANITY2010

    this little annoying looking rodent, UGH!! & that dayum haircut is sickening, time to switch up lil boy! I swear i don’t see what the big draw is w/him, i really don’t. I guess it’s a “white” thang!!

    White chocolate? pleeze!! So what is Justin Punk AZZ Timberlake?? SMDH.

  • LOLA

    That was toooo funny that girl is amassssssssin…po’ booboo

  • ShawtyWhereYouAt


  • RIP Music Ofiically Died In 2009

    aaaaahaaaa yes i loved it

  • Bey-nonsense

    man yall are wrong- you shouldn’t want a little child to get hit

  • Bluekid

    I think this is so funny, I have played this about 5 times just to here him go ouch! ROFL! LMAO! Now only if it could have been Miley. LOL!

  • laladupree28

    That’s funny!

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