Aretha Franklin Reduces Number of Chins

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Please refer to pics above and below. Now, it is always a challenge when dealing with such astronomical proportions, but we’ll be damned if we don’t think Aretha has lost at least a half of one of her chins. She appeared to be as big as a whale before, but tell us what you think.  ‘The Queen’ was spotted leaving her hotel in NYC yesterday.

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  • Hot Sauce


  • Oshie

    Her joints and arteries are thanking her.

  • fly_guy

    I’m still ticked at this silly

    pettty woman for dumping on

    Beyonce for calling Tina Turner

    the “queen”.

    Hell neither Tina nor Aretha

    have any right to THAT title.

    Little Richard was, is, and always

    WILL BE the “QUEEN” of R&B.

  • shay_butta

    It’s good that she’s making an effort to get healthy now all she needs is a bra.

  • bria

    I think that this post is out of line. Who deserves respect. There would be no Beyonce if it were not for women like her.

  • BeReal

    No comment on her weight, why does she have on this green t-shirt and purple jacket is my question?

  • SpearChucker

    dang those are floppier than what I see on safari

  • Y'all Play 2 Much...

    …she looks smaller to me.

  • Aunt Viv

    I love Aretha. I’m not taking away from her icon status, but if she’s losing weight, it’s a good thing, because legend or not, that weight on her is not healthy.

  • The Truth

    Leave Home Girl alone.

    She deserves more R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!!!

    She’s an icon!

  • kay

    She has lost a lot of weight! She looks nice.

  • BBC - Afiya

    She looks like she had a breast reduction…and she always looks so damn tacky…you would think with all the money she has she would stay fabulous…but nope…not her! 😦

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    I know that after her damn near cussing Beyonce and her family out Aretha’s azz is not wearing a “House of Dereon” hat??? Aretha is a trip lol…

  • Yvonne

    She’s lost half of her weight….how big was she before?

    Anyway, I do hope she continues to lose the rest of it. She never was a skinny person, but this is waaaaay too much. Not only does it look bad, it just plain unhealthy.

    @BBC-Afiya….When I growing up and use to see Aretha I would say the same thing. In her heyday she looked ok but was never what you would call glam…..but back then that was ok because her voice was all we wanted to hear.

    Chick could belt out a song like no other. I loved “Ain’t No Way”.

  • legalize the ganga

    no doubt aretha is mos def

    the queen of R&B but , and that a big ass but

    cant she afford decent bra for that ish that

    be touching her gut

    she might even look skinner with a decent bra – ok yea right !

  • Domino

    Aretha is finally starting to take care of herself and it shows. Kudos to her cause I want her to be around a long time. Plus I think she just has a better bra on.



  • cns

    Love the hat.

  • Miss_NC

    I love Re Re! I’m glad she getting healthier.

  • And...

    @ MZ_MAG – I know right.

    Knowing B & Tina, I bet that hair comes attached to that hat like the novelty dred hats.

    I wonder how she came to wearing that House of Dereon hat? Did somebody give it to her?

    I mean what? Is it a peace offering? A truce?

    All I have are questions….

    The real story is her rockin that HOD hat…

  • MrStyle

    The Queen Aretha Franklin is looking very much the role of a 66 year old grandmother.

  • WickyWick

    I don’t think so.. She just has on more gargantuos proportions are concealed….lol!! I still me some RE-RE!!!



    Now dont get it twisted, I do love me some Aretha Franklin. She is the QUEEN of soul. RESPECT !!

    But after all the SUCCESS she has and all the money, I think her ass should get Liposuction and 3 tummy tucks. Just a little food for thought RE-RE

  • Just Sayin

    I’m just glad she is covering up dat gunt!


  • Moreaces

    At least she got them puppies covered, Yeah I know puppy is too light of a word when refering to her,, well you know

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