Young Jeezy Fires Shots At Rick Ross On His Own Jawn: “Got Dayyumm Hoe… You Got Them A$$ And T*ttays!!!”

- By Bossip Staff

Young Jeezy is playing chess with Rick Ross and he’s about to checkmate that azz!!! He has taken the beat from Rick Ross’ latest jawn “B.M.F.” and it sounds like he is going all the way in on Rick Ross. It’s no secret that Young Jeezy use to roll with the infamous group B.M.F. and even though Big Meech didn’t have a problem with the song… Young Jeezy Did!!!

Death Before Dishonor:

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  • jj

    love jeezy dont sound like he throwin shots at rick ross but may b i should listen again!

  • loveyou1314``11

    it’s great

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  • Darth H8ter

    Someone needs to verbally check Rick Ross. he was a cop. I love cops, bu the is a phony s they come.

  • R_U_Trying_To_Prove_Her_Right?

    somebody tell that effing upright sow never, never to take its top off in public — daaaaaaYUM.


    36 TRIPPLE D S


  • jr

    Let’s just say the Jeezy finally said what we were all thinking! Who better than Jeezy to say this? For one, he was part of the group.. And from Atlanta where he’s got plenty of cred.. Ill be honest, when I first heard RR’s BMF I thought it was pretty catchy but at the same time I was like Ross forreal? Sooo glad Jeezy had something to say!


    GOOD SHIT…..DAMN OFFICIER RICKY U AINT FROM “B.M.F”,How you blowing money fast, you don’t know the crew.” Are you part of the fam, sh*t I never knew.”….FROM “YOUNG JEZZY”…CANT WAIT “TM 103″…..

  • christmas808

    could be a diss i gotta know tha background…jeezy dope in all but he dont want none of officer ricky…rosay would bury the little career he has left

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (WhO wRoTe ThE BiBLe & Qu'RaN?? WhO CrEaTeD ReLiGiOn?? PLaGiARiSm iS A CRiMe!!!)

    Officer Ricky Rozay – you’re as f*ck as the $2 bill and f*ck Young Jeezy – he can’t rap for sh*t.


  • STFU

    ross and jeezy are cool. if jeezy wanted beef he would call his name out

  • Jay

    Ross puttin out hits, CO or not, dude make good music. Jeezy aint have a hit album since 101

  • riding so high i can slap down a pigeon


    what you smokin this morning Fakey Rose’ cant even freestyle plus how a co gonna be claiming a gang that has been proven he never was affiliated with??

  • Somali Ninga

    His boobies are bigger than mine :S

  • truthmatters

    Man, if you women would sleep with Rick Ross, you might as well sleep with a whale. Just Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Rick Ross is fat sad man. Stole Rick Ross from someone, Telfon Don from another, now this B.M.F. thing… get an identity of your own William!

  • brooklyn

    jeezy version is corny

  • Newgameent

    I was in Tears when I saw this.

  • Newgameent

    I was on the floor when I saw this!

  • brutha barack

    this aint no damn diss, where yall get dat from. He clearly talkn bout a female

  • Sharie

    Jeezy needs to pick up a dictionary & just start reading from the beginning. He needs to expand his vocabulary so he can talk about different sh@t….gets boring…

  • cindy

    Rick Ross is doing his thing, looking good, and putting out tough Rap.

    Jeezy is lost and needs to stop, look & listen.

    Rick is just fine and is very attractive – Hands Off —

  • cindy

    TV has “no shirt” wearing men 24/7.
    The mud-jumping competition on TV was oh mine- I don’t like mud. The group was having a blast.

    Rick looks good and has a Great Presence – Big Charm

    Nothing New about No Shirt
    Good fit for Rick Ross

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