Pure Comedy: Frustrated JetBlue Flight Attendant Cusses Out Passenger On Loud Speaker, “F*ck You, And F*ck This Job!”

- By Bossip Staff

Flight Attendant, Fashionista and Former alcoholic, Steven Slater, had just about enough of his job, people and their bullsh*t:

A JetBlue flight attendant lost his cool after his plane landed at JFK yesterday, hurled obscenities at passengers over the airliner’s PA system — then deployed the inflatable emergency chute, slid down and fled, authorities said. Attendant-turned-wing-nut Steven Slater’s meltdown was preceded by an argument with a passenger who had told the 39-year-old airline employee from Queens “to f – – k off” after Slater asked him not to remove his baggage from the overhead compartment until the plane had fully stopped, sources said. The passenger wound up opening his overhead compartment anyway — striking the seething Slater on the head with the door as it dropped down.

After the plane, which arrived from Pittsburgh, pulled up to Gate 3 at the JetBlue terminal and the Jetway was put in place, passengers began moving to the door. Suddenly, Slater commandeered the public-address system and launched into a tirade, officials said. “To the f – – king asshole that told me to f – – k off, it’s been a good 28 years!” Slater bellowed incoherently, according to law-enforcement sources. But that wasn’t the end of it. In a move fitting for an action flick, Slater then grabbed his two bags — and a can of beer from the galley — and popped the lever for the airliner’s inflatable chute before sliding to the tarmac outside the terminal door.

The plane’s first officer, Scott Bienz — who had heard Slater’s rant from a restroom — told investigators that he tried to block the enraged flight attendant from getting to the emergency chute, but was unable to hold him back. Once on the tarmac, Slater boarded the AirTrain to pick up his silver Jeep Wrangler and raced home to Belle Harbor, where he hopped into bed with his boyfriend, a source said. Cops nabbed him at home. He was charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

Passenger Phil Catelinet said the flight was unremarkable — until Slater went bonkers. On his Facebook page, Slater lists “fashion, interior decorating, spirituality and recovery among [his] interests.” The only book he references is “Alcoholics Anonymous, Twelve and Twelve.” His LinkedIn profile indicates that he started with Business Express Airlines in 1994 before moving on to TWA and Delta. He left aviation for a “daily grind 9-5 ‘real job’ ” in the Burberry shop at Bloomingdale’s before joining JetBlue in January 2008, according to his My Space page. “I am enjoying being back in the skies,” he wrote. “Beating alcoholism and substance abuse one day at a time.”



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  • tb (I Hate Bossip's New Layout)

    These crackers are crazy as hell.

  • riding so high i can slap down a pigeon

    guess he fell off the wagon and got him some brown gravy all at the same time!! lmfao!! but what a way to quit your job

  • It's Me

    His punk azz. Then had the nerve to go cuddle up with his boo. They should shoot this punk azz fagget.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    Gay men are especially funny to me!

  • if anything be noble

    Can we get one of those chutes?

  • MrsMom

    I applaud him, I deal with sh*tty, complaining customers all day and you do just wanna say, f*ck you and this job!!! LOL!!! Unless you have ever worked in ANY type of service industry, doesn’t have to be minimum wage, you don’t know the half. And if you are one of these sh*tty complaining customers, try being nice for a change, or at leat civil! He was telling this guy to sit down and instead, he grabbing stuff all off the bag hole up ahead, when it wasn’t time for anyone to be standing on the plane, let alone doing what he was. Again, I applaud him!

  • if anything be noble

    I can’t even imagine dealing with this day in and day out. No car, house or coat is worth having to go to work and dealing with this everyday. The passenger defied him when he told him to sit down (for his own safety) and in return he gets sworn at and hit in the head with the door? Maaaaaan. This is just ridiculous. We all need a … what do whitefolks call it when we’ve been bad? A time-out. We all need a time-out.

  • http://www.swirlsociety.com www.swirlsociety.com

    now thats one thing we would all think about doing if we had that job but never do, lmao hope he had another job lined up.

  • HF

    I gotta applaud this flight attendant. He had the stones 2 do what so many workers out there WISHED they could do. THAT’S how u quit your job! At least he didn’t vent his frustrations by opening fire on the passengers.

    Yeah, the phenomenon of people jumping out of their seats and removing their carry-on b4 the plane stops is anoying as hell. As if there’s a prize 4 the first 10 people who get off the plane. SMH.

  • 2Sweet

    Sounds fabulous.

  • lani3000

    This man is a hero to some of us

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    There’s something to be said about making a dramatic exit, but what he did was illegal. Pulling
    an emergency exit w/o cause is a crime, but alot of people think he’s some hero. He was mad as hell and wasn’t gonna take it anymore!!! Anyone who works for the service of others knows how difficult some customers can be. This guy clearly had enough of the abuse and disrespect and just snapped. At least he didn’t physically attack or shoot anyone. Clearly, he was acting in the moment and didn’t consider the consequences of his actions. He may have ruined any chance of future employment b/c no one wants to hire anyone who seems mentally unstable. At least he won’t go unnoticed- his “exit” will go down in history as one of the funniest ways to quit your job!

  • AtlmestuckinDC

    Love this guy! I wonder if he’d accept my Linkedin request?

  • BAPE747

    Funny as the Antoine fool talkin bout “There is a rapist up in here rapin’ errbawday!!”


    I’d have paid good money to see this shyt, lol

  • Dont Think I Won't Hitch Yah--Cause I'm Famous, I believe in KARMA

    I wish it had AUDIO. lol LOL

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    lol ahahah

    that is 1 crazy Flammer. From his pic I can just imagine the way he sounded on the loud speaker.lol

  • chaka1

    I know this was serious incident…but honestly, when you work in customer service, some people will make you want to act a fool for real.

  • Million $$ Girl

    I’m still laughing at this fool, He can just kiss his unemployment GOODBYE. P.S. this is Y i love gay men, cause they are super dramatic, you know he clowned in that airport.

  • anjelbear

    Man do i wish i could’ve been on that flight..”It’s been a 28 years”..!!LMFAO..LOVE gay men as well, they keep me rollin!!

  • CattyBitch

    He is officially my new hero. Anybody that’s ever worked in customer service can relate to this.





  • http://!! Bluekid

    Well! I’m glad you guys thought this was funny and cute.

    I have a fear of flying and I could give a good fu@k if this guy was gay, I would have been mad as hell and I would be demanding my money back, when I do fly last think I want is some flaming queen going off, because he can’t have his way.

    @ Lady_Star, you are the smart one!

    Silly flaming queen! I love since-able people this queen was silly. Nothing cute are funny with what he did.

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